Quran Changed My Life

My story well i dont find it too interesting but sometimes when i think about my life i am amazed how Allah swt made changes in my life without even brining in my notice.I have been connected with Allah swt since childhood i dont know how but He thought me this thing from an early age that what ever i need i have to ask Him for that and when i want to cry i have to cry in front of Him.well life went on teenage and then the twenties.i knew Allah swt was there but i was not leading a life which He likes.i was selfish,self concerned, i missed my prayers not good to parents, i didnot like people interfering in my life i loved music and dancing hijab was the last thing on my mind . i had good plans for future getting married to the person i supposed i loved. and live happlily then Allah swt taught me the lesson of life the very person i thought was my  life depended upon ditched me.that was good for me. my life shattered down but at that moment only and only it was Allah swt who held my heart like a i was  baby bird secured in strong arms. it times i felt i have been pushed by a cliff and Allah swt held me and taught me to fly.and then He introduced me to His book the Quran and everything changed in my life.i was not the same person i used to be. but i am still travellling i feel so sad that i cant fully know Allah swt at times i forget Him i really desire that All the love i have in my heart for things they are taken away and i live a life only for Allah swt.
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Masha'Allah Sister, Glad to know that your eyes have opened to the truth. The light of Islam has touched your heart, Greetings from a Muslim brother here :-) . takecare