How I Came to Islam

I actually have been Muslim for 16 years!  MaashaAllah, and Alhamdulillah!  I was very young when I converted (or reverted, depending on your preference,) and I came to Islam basically from a French class.  It was an advanced French class with which I was struggling to keep pace along with my regular load of classes; and there was a guy in the class who spoke French and was taking the class for an easy "A".  He tutored the bunch of us in the class, and when we met at the library, he always talked about his religion.  (He was Moroccan and Muslim, but I had no idea what a Muslim was.)  When he talked about Islam, comparing it to Christianity, I always agreed with Islam, but he never asked me if I wanted to be Muslim, and I didn't think it was possible to just become another religion, or that the people of that faith would even want you!  So, the semester ended, and off he went to another school in another state; and I never saw him again.  BUT, about six months later, I got a job at a cable company, and working there was this American lady, who didn't appear to be anything but an American lady, and she and I became friends.  It turned out that she was Muslim, though, and not only was she Muslim, but she was close friends with my French tutor's sister!  I began spending time with my friend, and her friends, all of whom were Muslim.  They asked me after about another 6 months if I was interested in becoming Muslim, and I of course agreed.  In my heart, I had been Muslim since the first day Muhammad (my French tutor) began telling me about Islam, because there was never a single moment when my heart resisted, even in the slightest way, maashaAllah.  I found peace, because my heart and head told me that what I was at long last hearing was the truth about God and his prophets, and how we should live as humans, and how we should treat our bodies, (through purification, and prayer, and eating properly, etc.) and how we should treat others, and how we should relate to our Creator and Sustainer.  Also, how we should understand God's creation; you know, like the role of Angles, demons, other beings (like jinn), animals, etc., basically all the the 'alamin.  
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mashallah! that was one wonderful story. im happy for you,may allah bless you always :)

asalamo alakam my sister<br />
Allah( God) blessed you,you are so lucky,and now yours heart is full of peace and you feel fully a new person with out fears,<br />
Am i wrong? no not at all, congratulation

Al Hamdulillah <br />
May allah bless you

That is very positive thing,that people of many faith are discussing there thoughts in a very wise way, not dieing each others<br />
Just trying to understand viewpoints of others,<br />
AalhamudAllah christian brothers and Muslims are not stubborn,<br />
But we must know that who one believe God is one, Share no partner with him,He is Muslim..<br />
All religion of the world brought same message God is one,no one is like him, he has no son,wife family etc.<br />
Islam is same religion, as Jews are first muslims,message came on Jews through Moses (puh),after them Jesus(pbum) and After 600 years Prophet Mohammad Pbuh) came revising that same religion.<br />
We all are same one God Allah followers<br />
But Prophet Mohammad is the seal of prophets, after him no more Prophet will come, Religion is completed,<br />
So now others religion are not acceptable to Lord,It might hurt some of our brothers too,But I speak the truth,<br />
As God says in Quran, we wish to make our friends and loves one guide them to Islam, but if God wil he shall guide them to right path and this right path is what,Just Islam,<br />
In this final way of guide line God has corrected all changes made by some people in there holy havens books,<br />
First of all we all agree at one point ,There is no God but God<br />
Thanks, for sharing so tolerant and love for each others, <br />
Best is that read Quran no matter if you are Muslim or not, because Quran is not just addressing Muslims. Its for all people of the world,<br />
What is that? as some says ohhAllah is Muslim God, no he is same God one God our creator.<br />
We are all belong to one family,brothers and sisters, spread all around the world, can we not live on this planet with peace,<br />
I know some people particularly on youtube channel are so afraid of having some complication with there friends of others religion that they use world SOURCE for God, Because they believe in just one God, I call them Muslims,they says ohh we are not muslims, i reply them off course you are.<br />
Wish you to the right path,<br />
Are not we childs of one mam and dad?:-) Adam and eve(peace be upon them.<br />
Christian are so close to Muslims only one thing take them away from us, Jesus as a son of God .<br />
And when Islam was at his early age, the refuge was given to them Ethiopian King( christian) a christian country ,as we know they are still mainly christian country but there King supported us,<br />
Quran too admit that,I do not remember the verse about that events,whe Muslim faces the king,and they recite the verse of Maryam( marry)<br />
Our christian Brother would be so amazed that in Quran we have a verse about Marry too, the Daughter of Amran(his father,and all is told about that miracle,<br />
Would my christian brother other to read about that verse in Quran?

That is a beautiful story, and how amazing that you met the friend of your tutor's sister - it was meant to be! For the Christians expressing doubt about this faith (I am a Christian too, by the way,) I think that we all believe in the same God; we are all sons and daughters of Abraham, and our religion is only a matter of choosing the interpretation that makes the most sense to us individually. The basis of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, whatever, is to do good, and to be good. Don't get sidetracked by the whackos out there who have their own evil agenda that is not shared by the majority of their brothers and sisters. <br />
<br />
Shellfinder, when you say "Im not sure God cares what religion you are, so long as your love Him and recognize that Jesus Christ is the Son of God," you are contradicting yourself. By saying that Jesus Christ is the son of God, you are effectively saying that Christianity is the only religion. I'm sure that there are Muslims who recognize that Jesus Christ was a good man and a great prophet, but does not believing that Jesus is the son of God preclude someone from entering into God's kingdom? I seriously doubt that...

assalamo alaykom <br />
<br />
ur journey to islam is very beautiful, made me so happy....true whoever Allah guide no one can misguide, i mean after meeting ur teacher, and leaving him...months later u meet someone related to him....i do not believe in coincidence, its a fate, ur fate to become a muslim.<br />
Allah have a made a good plan for u to remember....u could have been muslim after talking to ur teacher, but that didnt happen, Allah made u again meet those who taught u more about was meant to be that u become a muslim.<br />
<br />
Allah loves u ma sha'aa llah........... it makes one feel special that Allah care about him to make him become islam...alhamduli llah(thank God) but always be careful on ur faith and dont lose it in sha'aa llah...<br />
<br />
salam and Thanks a lot for sharing... wish u the best :)

I am Christian and love to be a child of a living God. The only way you get to know someone is to spend time with them. The more time you spend with someone the more understanding you gain about that person. This is the same way you get to know God our Father, the creator of heaven and earth. You spend time with Him by being in His word, breathed of Him through the hand of the writer. What gets to stay are the true things that have made it over the test of time. Nothing else has been added to or removed from the bible for many years. Some or the writings date back 3,500 years. So this book for me, as it remains, is my truth.<br />
<br />
As I see it, God is all about two things, Love and Reconciliation. We are to love Him and one another. It is God who weighs the hearts of man. It is God who will take vengeance on your advisories, or He will set you on a high place or hide you in His Tabernacle.<br />
<br />
What we feel as Christians, is that when you go to heaven God will let you know… “This is My Son, in whom I am pleased, except Him as my Son” and you whom have made it to Heaven will do all that is asked of you by God. We will be there for Him. Praising and worshiping Him, continually thanking Him, and singing psalms to Him and each other….. Selah or "pause, and think of that".<br />
<br />
"When God decreed the Creation He pledged Himself by writing in His book which is laid down with Him: My mercy prevails over My wrath."<br />
<br />
When it comes to the passages like “Depart from me I do not know you.” I am not to worry about that. I am to come to Him with a child like faith and not lean on my own understanding. I know that His word says If you confess your sins He is faithful and just to forgive you of your sins and to cleans you of ALL unrighteousness so then you’re in right standing with Him.<br />
<br />
I love that He takes the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. He takes the ba<x>se things and rises them up so all know that it was Him and give Him the glory. We must stay close to His chosen people too. The Jewish nation is His. They are His people as we all are now but remember He loves them and we must understand that. The Jewish people could have been the ba<x>se race or nation on earth that’s why He has raised them up? Who knows but they are to remain allies. Have mercy on the Jewish nation and if they have offended you forgive them as we are by Him. So peace be with you my Sunni sister. My brother has been a Sufi for over 30 yrs.<br />
<br /> <br />
Thank you God for our beloved Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) <br /> <br />
This one brings a tear every time.

look mate I love how you place prophet Jesus so high just don't let him down by doing something he didn't ask for please if you really love him you would find the truth about him for him and you will see the only people who love him as much as you are Muslims

to robbo21 you said"Not really sure what I think about that but its an interesting concept. As a christian I have suffered with the bit in the Bible where Jesus says no one gets to the father but through me"<br />
I can answer this for you. Jesus said he only came for the israelites, not for the samaritains or any other group except the Jewish people. Only they could understand God and get to him through Jesus' teachings. I use to attend a baptist church ,but left the chrisitainity religion. However i havenot left God, i left their idea of God which I never understood since the trinity is a heathen/pagan culture. God chose Jesus as a prophet ,messenger to deliever to them what they forgot Gods kingdom. hope this helps.<br />
To the poster/muslim:<br />
Peace be unto you. You went where God told you to be. noone can or should take your choice away. It takes a strong step to follow God instead of our fleshly desires.

I love hearing revert stories because they just have so much passion and faith and really go for what they truly believe in. And sadly in some cases, they have more faith than people who were born Muslims. It inspires people to do more and be a better Muslim when you hear these revert stories.

There in heaven, there is no religion. There is only God and his angels. Im not sure God cares what religion you are, so long as your love Him and recognize that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.<br />
With those two beliefs, you may attain your heavenly life forever. If you disagree with that just ask God, and keep asking. God answers prayers.<br />
My question about this religion of Islam, is that if your leaders call for Jihad, will you follow?<br />
Killing your neighbors who arent Muslims? Because if you say no, you are going to be killed...<br />
Just a sincere question. <br />
Doesn't the laws of your Allah say, thou shalt not kill?

Sorry I don't agree that Jesus is the son of God as you say Shellfinder. To me God was never born nor was He begotten and He is like no other. Likening God to a human being with all their biological functions is not only belittling God but also it is a very great blasphemy. Jesus was a messenger of God who brought the truth and also performed many miracles with the leave of God. Miracles were also performed by many other Messengers of God such as Moses, Abraham &amp; Mohammed peace be upon them all. So are Abraham and Moses who came before Jesus also Christians? Did they believe in Jesus? Are Abraham and Moses sons of God?
A religion should be simple and should make sense. Not twisted that it causes so much confusion. The message of Islam is very simple. You believe in the One And Only True God who was neither born nor begotten and to whom we owe our entire existence, Who is the creator of this entire universe and beyond.
Also you respond back to Him by praying to Him alone not associating anyone with Him and do good charitable acts.

What is Jihad? It means struggle. Don't you struggle each day to do something good, to help someone, to please God?
Simply because the word is linked to killing by the media it does not mean Islam advocates killing. The Qur'an teaches us that forgiveness is better than retaliation. It is more noble. However, when one is wronged retaliation is allowed to the extent that they are wronged. Unlike Christianity where you turn the other cheek too, Islam says an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth while at the same time advocating that forgiveness is far better. Islam is very logical and that is why those who think find it makes complete sense. A practicing Muslim who turns to God each day and prays five times a day seeks God's Guidance a minimum of twenty times a day. May God guide you to the Right Path too, Ameen!

Muslim don't define jihad as "go killing people!!".

#One must open their mind to understand others' mind.

Alhamdulillah....<br />
<br />
May Allah bless you...<br />
<br />
Do your bit to get the message through. There may be people out there waiting for geatures of guidance...

ur so fortunate to be blessed with Hidayah. May Allah bless u alwayz

god bless u , me too i found peace in islam so i follow my heart and i leraned how to be a better person & how to treats others and to understand whats live its all about.

Not really sure what I think about that but its an interesting concept. As a christian I have suffered with the bit in the Bible where Jesus says no one gets to the father but through me. I prayed about it and went to church and the minister said that everyone gets a second chance. I do believe that God wants to talk to us all and I suppose he can only do that by having different religions. I guess you have to follow your heart and do whats right for you as the truth will become clear at some point.