Islam So Far......

i came to Islam as a child, before 9/11. it is the only thing in my life that makes sense.I am not the best example of what a muslim should be......But I just want to say to anyone who reads this: Islam is not an illogical fairy tale, or an ancient and irrelevant system of beliefs. take an honest and unbiased look into what we believe and at the very least, I feel that if you are a decent person you will learn to respect us. But i would not be surprised if the information you encounter touched you a little deeper.

dont learn about islam from non muslims, that oesnt make sense. find the well respected scholars of Islamic Jurisprudence, and listen to what they have to say. there is plenty of propaghanda working against us. lots of people are scared by the ridiculous and horrific things they see?hear on the news....and they seek information that confirms what they already believe. if you are honest with yourself, you can find good HOnest and unbiased information abou islam.

There are websites, books and lectures available geared towards muslims.  that would be the best place to search.  try to find information about islam that is intended to educate muslims about their own fait. this will give you the greatest and most accurate glance into what we believe.

there are still differences in opinion regarding many things but you will find that overwhelmingly muslims are peacefull. but more importantly you will discover that Islam Itself is not questionable, or unjust in anyway.

sometimes people have a tendency to look away when they find something that makes sense, or challenges their preconcieved ideas about the world or a certain group of people. tryto have an open mind, and dont allow yourself to avoid the truth out of fear.

it isnt smart to cover your eyes if your about to get into a car accident, especially when there is a chance you could swerve out of the way...... if you just had the courage to use your hands.

my journey to Islam has been long, and rough. I am still not where i want to be in regards to my faith, and my actions as a man. but i know which direction i need to travel, and i am positive that God has given me the map.

The Quran is the word of God. just read it and you will see. Find a translation designed for muslims, not one designed to make you think islam is an evil idiology. if you are honest with yourself, you will find it. InshaAllah.

thanks for reading this.

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Wise young man. May Allah bless you!

ASA,<br />
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i'd love to hear more about your journey to Islam sometime.

I believe you because lool Bible and torah had been changed a various number of times Qor`an had never been changed and there's no such confusion like in bible. The Qoran is straight away guide to good life, Bible says: Kill homosexualists,kill person that hit his mother or father and then the Bible is saying thou shalt not kill whats's this?