What Can I Say?

I almost feel afraid of saying im a Muslim outright, but then again ie never been that sort of person. I dont want people to think i am unusual because of that, and i dont believe people should have a particular picture of me just because of what the media portrays. The media does nlt represent me and every other Muslim out there. But its acts like it does the way we are 'generalised'. Anyway, if you look at my experiences etc...you can visibly see im a normal person. Yeah, of course i have feelings, that does not mean i am oppressed. Just like anyone would choose to be a Christian, or a Jew, a Buddhist etc...i chose to be Muslim. I was born into a Muslim family, but i chose to follow it. I dont even know why i should be ashamed of it just because of what the rest of thw world is saying. Just because the media picks verses out of the Quran and forgets the verses before and after it. Well, i guess thats just up to you individuals who have your own mind and look it up for yourselves. Its funny how they have picked the Quran and the Prophets ACTIONS and not what he actaully SAID to explain or teach what he has done or what th Quran says. Anyway, maybe thats another mystery for anyone to solve. This thing with shia's and sunni's...really should not exist and has no place in Islam. I mean the actual Islam...you know the one with Quran and Sunnah. The reasom being is that if we all simply as Muslim followed Quran and Sunnah as much as the country we live in lets us, then where are the divisions? Where are the differemce in teachings? Yeesh, i wonder how much we really do look at things for ourselves. Anyway, im a Muslim, not a monster. Im proud. I dont believe we should overthrow the leader and take power because the Prophet pbuh said we shouldnt but should comply with whichever regions law and practice as much as we can and make peace with the people in the land and not revolt against them. If we cannot practice, we should migrate if possible...and that is what the prophet did when ne was persecuted. I am Muslim, wasnt always a perfect one, but i a, doing well now, and have changed for the better.
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Jul 23, 2010