Being A Muslim Woman

We keep talking about how Islam is the best religion and how being a Muslim is great. I'm a born Muslim - but admittedly, not a good one. Anyways, had a question more than anything else.

For all the brothers out there - if you had been put on this earth as a Muslim woman - do you think you'd be as happy?

For the sisters out there - if you were put on this earth as a Muslim man - would it have been better?

Maybe it's wrong to question...but the mind and heart want to know.
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Friend me please. I would love to share thoughts and maybe find some wisdom. I am not muslim but I am very spiritual. I want to learn about muslima and what it is like, about the clothes you wear, and anything and everything else.
Would you care to discuss life?

Hello. I'm also a moslem woman since I was born, and also not a good one. I don't really know who you are. So I think maybe you ask this because you were stuck in an extremely patriarchal country. I never experienced that, but I know it must be hard being a woman with several rights that we can't get. I'm living in Asia. Maybe being a moslem woman in asia isn't as complicated as in the middle east. I got my right equal as a man. I choose my own way always, and society never judges me. <br />
Well according to your question, if I was born as a moslem man, it's okay, it wouldn't change anything. And thank God, even I'm a woman I got my rights and treated well by the society.<br />
Anyway, I really like being a woman. :))

Please explain to me the frustrations you suffer as muslim woman? Do you have no rights? You have to wear the burka? You have to submit to your man regardless? Perhaps your man cannot satisfy you and your needs are not met... Then don't despair. There are communities in china where polyandry is accepted (one woman with more than one man). We as humans are only now starting to understand our sexuality. Wars have been fought over this : power, pride, prejudice and sex. The time will come when humankind will accept all forms of relationships without being judgemental. Monogamy and polygamy should be acceptable everywhere (as is homosexuality lately. . . )

I think the same question you do to yourself. I have never been in any trouble where I would blame my sex but I know there are so many women out there facing difficulties because of their sex. Sometimes I just think to myself and never share it, is being born a women almost like a curse? Not just in islam but in all religions and cultures. But at the end when you add it all up, they have more to answer to when judgement falls, I am sure there is a reward for all our troubles we face but we just need to keep our faith.

As a reformist christian I always wondered how life in the muslim community household go. Being polygamous , do the family members have peace? Do the wife's accept their man equally without jealousy? Does muslim men in polygamous marriages suffer the same fate of sexlessness men in monogamous marriages suffer? The western concept of monogamy seem to breed a lot of pervertions and crime , perhaps because the poor men in monogamous societies have little or no outlet for their needs. I cannot recall stories of child molestation, homosexuality and prostitusion in muslim countries.

I forgot to write: Asiya is one of the highest women in Paradise (along with Khadijah, Maryam and Fatima peace be upon the family of the Prophet). <br />
<br />
I would never want to be a man, though. I may be flying high in life as a man, but not so in the Eternal life. Men are responsible to answer to God for more things than women. It's much easier being a woman in this sense, though much harder if you're married to a Pharaoh-type of men or being stuck in a certain type of society, such as an extremely patriarchal one (like Saudi Arabia) or a sexually manipulative society like the West. May Allah be with us always.

Assalamu'alaykum sisters,<br />
<br />
Obviously the answers our sisters have given are rooted in their strong faith in God. Whatever God gives us, is indeed the best one for us. By our being thankful in it, we will find our path to God and our life for Eternity.<br />
Remember the wife of Fir'aun (Pharaoh), Asiya when she said, "O God build for me a house with You in Jannah (Paradise), and save me from Firaun (Pharaoh) and his evil and save me from the cruel people. (Qur'an: Tahrim 66:11)<br />
<br />
Ultimately, there are women who are severely tested at the hands of men who severely abused his special strength and status that God confers to him on this earth only. The final destination for those men will be lowly and painful, a punishment of God. And the women who suffered patiently on earth will be raised in a more beautiful form and brought closer to God in her dwellings.

Why not? <br />
<br />
Because Allah knows what (suits) me more than myself ... So, when He created me as a Female, He knew that Femininity suits me more than Masculinity ... This really made me once Thank Allah for this Grace and I am still thanking.<br />
<br />
I can't decide whether or nor it is wrong unless I know what is in your mind and your heart because once I saw your question the first thing jumped into my mind was (......), guess what? <br />
<br />
Please note that the answer I gave is only about Amira her instinct not someone else ... You might say yes I know, but guess what do I mean? <br />
<br />
Maybe I am wrong and maybe I am right ... Allah knows best ^_^ <br />
<br />