Repost: Some Questions Concerning Heaven In General.

Let's consider that heaven was real for a minute.

So for example, in the Koran(which is the holy book they raised me to learn and believe) it says that in heaven you can have anything you wish for.

If I passed test and went to heaven..

So assuming that heaven is a place of peace and happiness, if I had people that I love that I know are in hell, wouldn't heaven sort of be a psychological hell for me knowing that people I love are in hell?
Doesn't that mean that what they promised paradise to be is a lie?
If it's god's will and all doesn't it mean that god is a liar, therefore mean that he is unjust?

What if I had relatives or friends or idols or people that I miss or want to meet that are in hell? 
Are they allowed to be sent to heaven in order for my wish to be fulfilled?
If yes, then what is the point of them being sent to hell if god knew I was going to wish for them to go to heaven with me and what is the point of the 'test' and all the worshipping if this was possible?
If no, then not allowing me to wish for them to go to heaven mean that the holy book is lying?
If it's god's will and all doesn't it mean that god is a liar, therefore mean that he is unjust?

But if it is not a lie and you can wish people from hell could go to heaven, can we raise, with full laboratory experiment type of control, at least one human being to be a humanist that is extremely righteous with reference to the full definition of righteous in the holy book and then remind him/her to constantly remember to wish to god to send everyone from hell to go to heaven?
If yes, what is the point of all the tests during people's time on earth?
If no, then isn't the book lying and doesn't that mean god broke his promise and therefore he is unjust?

If Mohammad was such a kind prophet and all, why didn't he think of doing this since he is practically privileged to be VIP in heaven?
Does that make him a selfish man who rather let people burn in hell even though their sins aren't that bad? 

If someone is a gay man, and if he limits his homosexuality by only repressing it in his thoughts in the name of god with patience and thought that he will have all the men or the man he wants in heaven, why does the holy book only promise 72 virgins women he could not possible even want to do anything sexual with?
Since there is no mentions of any verses saying that there will be 72 gay virgin men, does that mean that god is not aware of the existence of loyal to god men that wants this in heaven?
Does that mean that god is not all knowing?
(sorry for the stereotyping though, my society doesn't view this as an offensive reference)

I was busy so this was all I could type out. I'm sorry if you are offended, but I don't know how people can believe the existence of heaven promised in the Koran/Quran.
Oh, I am an ex-muslim, I am not an evil immoral person who is going to hell. I don't even believe in hell.

'For me, it is better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring' - Carl Sagan.

As for those afraid of death: from star stuff we came, to star stuff we return.

Hope to get opinions on this matter, which is why I posted this here.
Don't be mean.
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Hi There,<br />
If you're asking these questions out of a true need to know, then by all means everyone should ask where they feel comfortable asking. Any good answers you can get, is a gift from God, through the mouths of mortals.<br />
Ibn Umar narrated the saying of Prophet Muhammad:<br />
"On the Day of Resurrection the people will fall on their knees and every nation will follow their Prophet, and they will say. "O so-and-so! Intercede for us with Allah,. till the right of intercession will be given to the Prophet Muhammad and that will be the day when Allah will raise him to a station of praise and glory (Maqam -alMahmud) (Sahih Bukhari, vol 6 hadith 242)<br />
<br />
All this is saying is that no prophets before Muhammad will be given the right to take people destined for hell and place them instead, in Paradise - but Muhammad the last Messenger of God. He will release a huge number of people from despair - people who sin to God, but keep their love alive for God and His Messenger through specific ways. In addition, God also promises the Muslims who memorize the Qur'an, the opportunity to bring his/her family into a higher Paradise. God's angels are constantly imploring God to forgive certain people and accept them into Paradise. God's pious men and women also will be imploring God to forgive people that they used to associate with during their lifetime on the temporal earth. <br />
Therefore many people who are destined for hell will actually be sent to Paradise, ba<x>sed only on God's MERCY and LOVE. Finally, Allah himself will select people of Hell to enter Paradise, including those who has already gone through some part of the punishment (purgatory? perhaps...) May God release me from this as well, for I know that I am not deserving of His perfect Paradise, but alas, God I am not willing to be burnt by His raging Fire and Torment. I beseech you dear God, to envelop me with your Mercy, and deliver me closer to Your Gaze.<br />
My dear,<br />
Most likely people will join their associates - whoever we used to love and befriend on earth, they are our companions in hell or in Paradise. Even if our family members are bound for Paradise, if we don't share the same mindset as them, then, as God told Prophet Noah/Nuh, his disobedient son is not his family even though he was he's own flesh and blood. We can have family members and fall out in love with them after some happens. But Islam strongly urges children to devote themselves to their parents no matter what their religion, yet be steadfast in obeying God.<br />
<br />
As for the homosexuals and the female rewards promised in Paradise. God created men to be with women, and he created their private areas to be complementary for a reason. If you were to create an electric circuit that needs batteries - you would arrange the negative and positve poles of the batteries accordingly to make electricityflows. Yet, if the batteries were to disobey you, and arrange itself where positive will touch another positive pole, will there be a flow of electricity inthe circuit? Would you, as a creator achieve your plan? Would it be fair for you to fling that disobedient battery into the recycle bin?<br />
<br />
Why do we insist on God to follow our plan?

Each to his or her own belief. The will of God is too amazing for our mere human minds to decipher. Debating whether there is a heaven or not or whether we are worthy or not can be likened to discussing what colour was the big bang when everything shot out of the mouth of God and came into being... pointless as we weren't there. We won't know till we get there. I just follow what my faith instructs me to do but with my own understanding and I have a light to shine and I ain't hiding it under no bushel. Interestingly enough in my religion exam it explained why the world and God is the way He is. The Torah (Jewish 'bible') begins and ends with an act of loving kindness. So God's commandment is 'Love thy neighbor as you would yourself'. The Torah also acknowledges that it IS stated 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." This is not meant in the literal sense that one should take one's pound of flesh but rather that compensation should be made to the injured. If God allowed everyone what they wanted sin and chaos would be rife. If He punished everyone according to the aforementioned verse no one would be worthy of heaven. So He combines the two and balance is restored. God is not only a just God, but a loving Father too. Your statement of 'Can I wish it?' is hypothetical in the first place as you have not been to heaven so you don't know if you would be given the option to ask that wish. And really think about it, if your people didn't make it, they were doing something that was displeasing to God. We are not ignorant, we just choose to be at times and hope that if we adopt the 'Ostrich' tactic that God will not see our actions. All bibles were written by man, and man is flawed, and the translation of words from one language to another especially when a word doesn't exist within that language leads to errors being formed. Instead of writing religion off totally explore other options. I as a Christian always feel sorry for people in other faiths. I realize how condescending that sounds but I am just so happy in my faith and I never feel scared, or unloved, or alone that I want EVERYONE to feel what I feel. However, forcing faith upon others is wrong and does more harm than good. There is nothing wrong with picking up a Buddhist text, a Torah or a Christian bible and reading it and seeing if it speaks to you. My view is this - we all pray to one God at the end of the day. He may be called Yahweh, or Allah or Father but ultimately he remains the main God. I do hope you come right. The Nilihist view in life is a sad and lonely one. When I pray I say "Dear God..." No one wants to say 'Dear Dirt...'

Being of Christian faith, I tried to answer your questions as best as I could according to my knowledge. I am in no way trying to convert you, just sharing my faith. You have your beliefs and I respect them and you. I would never be mean :)<br />
<br />
The Book of John<br />
Chapter 14; 1, 2 <br />
<br />
"In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.<br />
<br />
And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."<br />
<br />
In Ecclesiastes 1, we are told that:<br />
<br />
"There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after." <br />
<br />
In Luke 16 it states that trying to save someone from hell after death is impossible.<br />
<br />
"And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead."<br />
<br />
In Romans 3, we are told that no one is perfect. This would mean genetically engineered persons, as well.<br />
<br />
"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;"<br />
<br />
Acts 10 tells us that although God expects us to try to do the best we can to be holy, we all have faults. Some are homosexual but I do not believe that facet of their life will be all He looks at in judgement. (I do not, myself, consider homosexuality a "fault". I am speaking of those who do believe that. I love people of all walks of faith and lifestyles. I dislike others. Some are good, some are bad. Their sexuality is the least does not make up their entire moral system.)<br />
<br />
"Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:"<br />
<br />
Finally I believe He is all knowing. He knew this was in your heart before you ever typed it out. I also believe that He loves you, even if you do not share my faith in Him. You may be a better person than myself or anyone else who reads this. Only He knows.<br />
<br />
Best wishes on your search for answers :)

"Let's consider that heaven was real for a minute." I was just doing a copycat ;) American Psychological Association, wont be there when you die right? just have said all those things from Gods point of view,since you have been going with if there is a god , a heaven so i need to be take Gods side to argue with you :D no need to get so worked up. I was saying from Gods point of view as u have suspected. No book can ever hope to lead human kind to a peaceful end, see all the wars happening, even though religion says we should not harm each other but we still fight for power, money what not. If any body can understand the concept of good and evil, its very easy to connect it to heaven or hell. lets say we don't have a GOD , that means whatever the hell we do in this world , would not cause any problem if we die.If this whole world is full of non believer , mostly they would do more damage then good.Thinking about it gives me a chill down the spine kidding !l .There is no proof that God exist , there is no proof either that God doesn't exist. I have wondered a lot , how cruel the God is, every sec ppl are dying of hunger, why cant God help them , then I realized , we have everything we need to make this world a better place but we fight , we make rules that hurt others So we are the baddies not GOD . He is not even here to help anyone but he has given us brain to think and find a solution "Your claim about large numbers of populations turning homosexual without guidance of the Quran is questionable because I see no claims in the Quran or other historical books that before the existence of the Quran everyone was homosexual." Of course not but think about it logically if all religion accepts homosexuality in this 21s century then a large number of people would try it don't you think? what will parent tell their children ?This will cause a lot of issues even if you say there is no proof. Even though homosexuality is not a disease but its not a good thing going against natural order of things and people who are born with it, they get to enjoy the both worlds. congrats to them :D. I really do. But i don't want straight people to try before you buy stuff ."Does that make him a selfish man who rather let people burn in hell even though their sins aren't that bad? "You read up Mohammad`s life from a book and figured him out already.? What will he do, you don't know that .We cant figure out ourselves , Blind faith has no place in religion - that is the main issue :). I do not understand Islam but I do understand few things, if God exist Islam is true religion then majority of Muslim will go to hell for not understanding and doing it all wrong lmao!. Either way its gonna be hell for muslims :P .Lets say , I love my brother and now he has killed people , he will be sentenced to death , in real life , i cant really save him, same theory applies in after death , or there could be different sets of rules n regulation, but but there are some differences, when judging error of a human being after death, everything will considered ,so he might be burned to hell for 500 years but since He/She believed In GOD , he will released sooner or later, since you live in heaven you will get your buddies back ;). but its not gonna work if that person is from a different religion right? that's where the doubt comes in . Okay enough of me rambling , I respect all religion and I do not harbor hatred towards non believer , I hate people who hurts others or force them to obey religion even if they don't want to ,everyone is free to choose their life style . ppl who are reading up , both of us do not intend to offend religion , if you are offended , I am truly sorry for it . iexistlol give me a piece of your mind this time too , i like the way you responded .

lets say homosexuality is a mistake and when you go to heaven you will be cured and the genetic disease will disappear and you will be able to love women , assuming you are a man. For that homosexuality is prohibited since it wont become a issue there ;).lets say you talk with Almighty God and understand his greatness and you have been answered all the questions you have right now. but if you are not muslim any more , then you might suffer in hell.lets say , someone is able to answer all of your questions correctly and you are at loss cause right now you want to be with a girl not with a guy so what will happen to your sexual needs. if someone asks me , i would say i dont care if you are homo or bi or lesbo, this is how you are born n you are not at fault so why suffer and ruin your life? Rather enjoy being gay or lesbo or what ever but you don't have to leave your religion.,cuz nobody is expected to perfect , lets say you stay being muslim and you go to heaven bcz you passed the test , so there is a chance , if you dont follow your religion n turns out that your religion was true , u just lost the ticket to heaven From my perspective , if its written in Quran any form of relationship is accepted , then more people would try different things like straight guys or girls would become bisexual , just because its fun to experiment. If half of the population are gay or lesbian . think of the effects on the people who are straight, its vice versa in a way , just like gay or lesbian people feel pressured from straight community . I did not mean to offend any one or any religion , when it comes to religion there will always be doubt and many questions will not be answered .I am in a hurry so i typed all i could ,hope to chat with you someday :D

Firstly, homosexuality is not a disease and that has been confirmed by different reliable institutions such as the American Psychological Association, etc, and saying that it's a mistake practically means that you judge god's designs because homosexuality has been found to exist in countless numbers of species. I am not going to claim that humans do not count as a type of 'species' too because I see a problem in claiming that humans are superior to animals.
If I do get a chance to meet god if he exists, then I'd say all kinds of criticism to this unjust malevolent god who expects me to obey him knowing that he has caused a lot of suffering to proceed and letting us even have the ability to doubt and a whole lot more. I'd gladly go to hell than to kiss his *** in my lifetime.
My sexual needs are of none of your concern, and I'd love to know anyone that could answer all my questions, and I'm sure I will not be baffled about what I'm going to do with my preference if they are answered. In addition, I see no relevance in that statement.
No one ever said that the majority of people who are not full out heterosexual would leave their religion. People leave religion because it lacks evidence of the claims it has made, and because with reasoning abilities and rationality and bravery to think for themselves, many contradictions have been found about the claims made.
If I 'lost the ticket', I wouldn't mind because with god's way of communicating to humans and guiding us is a pretty crappy design because methods such as telling a messenger to provide a book that is neither timeless nor suitable for all cultures and has a lot of contradictions and has metaphors and words that are subject to interpretations by human beings to defend the book instead of god itself is not good enough for me and a lot of other people.
Your claim about large numbers of populations turning homosexual without guidance of the Quran is questionable because I see no claims in the Quran or other historical books that before the existence of the Quran everyone was homosexual.
It's great that you are not one of those egoistic religious people who claim to know all the answers.
Thank you for your response.

Ok i respect your point of view but to be honest you need to go create a new experience group and post all of your stuff in there because nobody in this group will care enough to read all of your stuff.

I saw that this group had 800+ members and I aimed to get a response. Creating my own group cannot fulfill this aim, and people would not even know the existence of this post. so yeah