I began cut my self a few month ago, now I'm sisteen years old. I can't express my emotion to everyone. I just keep it in my mind. First time I do it I'm scary but the other side in my heart ask me to do this. So what I can do except do this?

I just can say to my friend, when they knew I'm a cutter. they didn;t see me like I am a monster. They alway open their hand to me, they ask me to stop to do that. But I still can't do that

Everyday I cut my self like I can't without that, I always lose control if I have a problem althought that a simple problem. But my heart ask me to cut my arm always like that. I want to stop it, but one thing I know, i never want it happen at all
itsmyself itsmyself
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itmyself,<br />
The other side of yourself that asks you to cut yourself is the devil. No, really! I'm not saying that you're bad at all. We all have this - in the Qur'an he's referred to as the "Qarin", he's your evil friend. Sometimes Islamic scholars refer to them as the devil, but others also say it is a jinn. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, reported to his companions, that he also has one - but his Jinn has converted to Islam - is believing in God and his prophethood.<br />
You have to start a battle with this guy, because he just wants to see you destroyed. How you can do this. Pick up the Qur'an in a language that you're comfortable with and make a lot of do'a (prayer) to God, so He will lead you to peace and tranquility. I recently had an attack by these guys - I couldn't believe what went into my head. It was just so not "me". But because I was in that state, I didn't even want to read the Qur'an. But Alhamdulillah, once I actually read the Qur'an, the transformation was immediate! But I know I can't be lax, and must keep reading regularly and repent to God for whatever wrong I did.<br />
So can you, my dear. Please love yourself because God Your Creator loves you more.

I just knew this things r really exist , the devil inside ourself... tell me more about this stuff pls?

This stuff is in the Qur'an. Look up Surah Baqarah (the Cow), I don't have time to write at this very moment. Read the part when God says "wa 'allama Adama al-asma' kullaha..." around verse 30 and beyond. God taught Adam the name of everything - so we humans have knowledge about certain things (we don't believe in tabula rasa ie. empty slate concept of existence), then the angels was shown what Adam could do. The iblis - ie. the chief of satan - refused to bow down to Adam when all the angels and he (not one of the angels, in Islamic belief) was asked to prostrate to Adam. Scholars say Adam is superior to all of them due to the knowledge imbued in him and his ability to use reasoning to differentiate right and wrong. Human being is able to rise up to the level of angels, and to fall down to the level of satan. In certain book of Quran exegesis (perhaps Tabari or Qurtubi) you will find the explanation that the Satan was not there when God created Adam, so he wrongfully assume that he is better than mankind as he said, "I am created of fire, and he (Adam) is created of clay", so he is superior to his mind - this was the first arrogance. And so he promised God that he would delude all of us so that we will join him in the Hellfire. Please ask more question, so that it is easier for me to know what to write about exactly. Peace and love, NR.

ahh I see "Human being is able to rise up to the level of angels, and to fall down to the level of satan" I must underlined this :) bcoz its so true even I am quite pessimistic that human can be same level to angels, lol but maybe few Good ppl can really achieved that level,
I want to know more about the "qarin" itself, if every person have it or only the weak person ... and can we blamed it for all mistakes we done? isnt it our own foult and how to rise up from the sins, sometimes I dont have enough faith to believe I could really "healed" is the lust I feel caused by the devil or my self?

Byond Gravity,

May Allah increase you in taqwa, you certainly are concerned about your relationship with God.
Every individual among the sons of Adam has a jinn who has been appointed to be his constant companion (qarin). Ibn Mas`ud reports that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) says: “The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) says: ‘There is not one of you who does not have a jinn appointed to be his constant companion.’ They said, ‘And you too, O Messenger of Allah?’ He said, ‘Me too, but Allah has helped me and he has submitted, so that he only helps me to do good.’” (Reported by Muslim)

In order to see the different level that people can reach up, you must mix around with more pious individuals, like religious leaders and students of knowledge etc. You can also get the vibes from them, or Islamically, we call this barakah - which can encourage your soul to do likewise. So your lust, is from your own soul. We have various types of souls within us (which need me to explain another time) - most of us live with carnal lusts due to our animal(istic) soul, and the satan and jin (qarin) also increase our propensity to succumb to evil desires. To lessen their influence we have to increase our worship and lessen our appetite for all kinds of desires by way of self-discipline. So, the lust you feel is both from yourself and from their encouragement. You can control yourself by depriving yourself of the sources of lust - and also by training your reason/intellect (brain) to exercise more power upon your desire (nafs). May God help us all to overcome our lowly states so we can transcend higher like our Prophet Muhammad.

I don't mean we have many souls, but our individual soul consists of various parts. You might want to read Syed Naquib al-Attas, Prolegomena to the Metaphysics of Islam.

thank u thats a very enlightened xplanation, what u've mentioned about mixed around religious ppl it could be true bcz that what happened with my self that I feel so more calm and can hold my self around these ppl it seems no bad thoughts come out from my head, and it was also happened in the last ramadhan that I finally decided something for my self :)
but then my Imaan seems to up and down sometimes I feel afraid of GOD and what I will got when my limit time is off, but then there r times that I lost my self in the situation that maybe my "nafs" is like overpowering me and in the end after "doing " something bad I feel so regret and idk if GOD will forgive me..
how can I train my self to help power to fight that?

I 've heard says that "this world actually is not worth than half mosquito wing" that makes me think so why we born in this world for, what r we here for if easy for GOD to put us neither in heaven or hell, why HE ut us here? am sorry but I kee think of that :(

My brother,
Allah says in Surah Yasin that He created man and jinn so that they worship Him. God wants us to know Him and to worship Him. Those who get to know God (by seeking knowledge) and worship Him sincerely, will be rewarded with an audience with Him - a face to face meeting with Allah azza wa jalla. This is truly the highest reward. When you reach this station of wanting this - you can feel the closeness to God, right here on earth - He is closer to you than your jugular vein. This will make lustful desires pale in comparison to the bliss and happiness of being loved by Allah and loving Him. But for those who cannot yet feel this, we aim for the reward in Paradise, which we believe is of exquisite beauty and pleasure incomparable to things on our earth today. Even the women are "tarfata 'ain, lam yathmithhunna" -not only virgins but never has been seen by any jinn or man before. And the women amongst us will be transformed into a new creation - Inna an'sha'na insha'a. (Read Surah Rahman and Waqi'ah).
If you keep this in mind, you will see desires as lowly compared to love of God. But Allah allows us halal desires, for instance with a spouse. So the life of a Muslim is quite easy, Alhamdulillah.

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