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Ahssalaam alaikum , My muslim brothers and sisters
I had done something that I regret very much , something I wish I hadn't done
I am a Muslim , I'm 15 years old
I just want an answer for a question that's been running through my head all the time ,
It all started around October or spetember in 2010
I met a guy , he was really good and kind ! He bought me stuff and cared for me very much , he even gave me lots of money ,
He started talking about gay stuff , he told me to send pictures of my penis , and so I did , cause he was so good ,
After somedays he asked me to have sex with him , so I went to his place and did it with him ! Dhen he started ignoring me
After that , and so I forgot him !! Then I met an other guy last year , he was really good to me , and he even started talking about gay stuff , and I went to his place and had sex with him a several time , and then I met another guy who was Indian , he said he'd buy me an iPhone 4 if I had sex with him , so I did a several times but he didn't , I wanted the iPhone 4 so much I asked someone else if he could buy me one , and this guy told me to make a gay blue film , he wanted me to be the star , I wanted the phone so much I did it with the Indian guy and filmed it by ourself and sent him !, the guy said he'd give me the phone after two weeks of receiving the video ,
But I never got it, he said he never recieved it !! I just wasn't happy until I got the iPhone , so I met a gay guy later that month , he said he'll buy me an iPhone 4s if I had sex with him , he said his father was the owner of 11 resorts and he said he was the richest around here , but he lied about all that , I felt for his lie , before having sex he wanted some of my nude pics , so I sent him some , he said he'd give me the phone if I do things he told me to, so I sent him some pictures , and he told me to send all my information to him so that he can buy the phone from eBay , so I sent him , my full name , address I'd card number , mobile number and everything !
Dhen I didn't hear of him for a few days , then one day when I got on Facebook , I found a fake Id of me on Facebook , with all my information ! And the same pictures I sent to him , then I called him and scold him , dhen he lied and said it wasn't him , ! That day inshallah I reported the Id on Facebook and blocked him , few months later I got a call from the gay guy I met on 2011 , saying my nude pictures are all over my country ! Now I totally regret what I did , I just wish I hadn't done that ! My parents would die if they know about this ,! Now I forgot about all those guys , i found my self a good girlfriend , and stay away from gay thoughts ! I ask Allah for forgiveness every time I pray !
I knew being gay is a sin , but by my foolishness I have disgraced my self , exposed my self to everyone , even though my parents don't know about this im sure when they knw about it they'll die in sadness
I have the best parents in the whole world , they love me and care for me since I was a little kid , they'l b heartbreaked to knw if their little boy had done something bad like this , :(
I have the most amazing caring and understanding family in the whole world , they'l all hate me if they knew about this !
And most of all i had done. Big sin being a Muslim !
Will god ever forgive me for this ??

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I believe the Lord Jesus Christ can forgive you any sin. The Bible, the inspired Book from God, tells us that God forgives sins we we go to Him in repentance. Jesus Christ is God's way to forgive you. I went thru the same you did and today my life is restored, I have a beautiful family and God is tremendously important for us. Jesus Christ delievered me from all these sinful thoughts and desires. He is alive! Get to know Him better

How can you be so dumb ? I'm not talking about the having sex with dudes part but actually thinking you'd get a phone. Heck, you even gave every detail about your wretched life to them ... dumb ***. btw I'm muslim too

InsyaAllah Allah will forgive u .. most important now is to be sincere in your taubat and pray for forgiveness always.

Brother, im a new muslim but know Allah is mercifull. <br />
If your heart is regretfull firstly for the sin against Allah then pray for his mercy for he is mercifull<br />
Dont forget your sin learn from it!!<br />
To forget it dooms you to possibly repeat it<br />
Ive done shamefull things , dont dispear . Pray and show Allah your sincere by not doing the same mistakes. <br />
Please brother keep your thoughts on the straight path. And pray- we pray 5 times a day for a reason to pull us away from those earthly things that take us away from Allah.<br />
Keep the faith he is mercifull but dont take Allah for granted, his mercy has limits

assalamualaikum brother..its ur mistake no matter wht u get u should thnk bfore u do tht! any way atleast u said u wana taubat and back to normal back..thts good may allah help you!

β€œIndeed, Allah is more happy with the repentance of His slave than a man who stops in a barren, desolate land; with him he has his riding animal. He then goes to sleep. When he wakes up, [he realizes that] his mount is gone. He searches for it until he is on the verge of dying. He then says, β€˜I will return to the place wherein I lost it, and I will die there.’ He went to that place, and he was then overcome by sleep. When he woke up, his mount was [standing] right beside his head: on it was his food, his drink, his provisions, and the things he needed. Allah is more happy with the repentance of his believing slave than the aforementioned man when he finds his mount and his provisions.”<br />
<br />
[al-Bukhaari: 6308 ; Muslim: 2744]<br />
<br />
so no worries :) just say sorry

I really hope that allah forgive you

Assalam alikum brother. May Allah strengthen your resolve to stay on a straight path that leads to a long life in obedience to Him. Ameen As the previous comment stated your regret shows that you are sorry, and that is a good place to start. To honestly know that being vulnerable in front of Allah SWT is the best place to be. Allah is never far, we are the ones that walk away from Him. You take one step towards Him and He comes rushing to you. I think that it is very common (especially for young people) to be so attracted to dunya (material things) that one would be willing to do anything in order to attain that thing. In the end when we as humans go to great lengths to attain the material world Shaytan has won. It's easy to want to fill your life and time with dunya, because it's all around us. It is far harder to seek knowledge that will benefit us in the way of learning about The Most Just and Most Merciful our Lord, Allah SWT. However when a person seeks knowledge of Allah, and realizes that it is Allah and Allah alone that sustains starts to perceive life in a whole new manner. :) Something that has helped me start to turn away from wanting to fill my heart and life with dunya is focusing on Allah SWT and the hereafter. How I choose to live this very short life on earth dictates how I will spend eternity. Many times I wonder how people look at me, then when I realized Allah sees me ALL the time, I've turned my thoughts to being a sincere person all the time because it is only Allah that I want to please, because on judgement day it is I that will be standing alone if front of Him. NO one standing next to me. I pray you find peace in your life brother.



Just tou have s goddamm ******* nerve

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh.<br />
<br />
My brother, I feel sorry with you but don't lose your hope. Never desperate for seeking mercy from Allah, He is Merciful and love taubah.<br />
Your regret is a good sign and the beginning of hope that Allah may forgive you. Amen!<br />
<br />
My suggestion that you always pray that Allah will give more knowledge and iman and strength to avoid this sin. Who can aid us but Allah?<br />
<br />
About your story, don't tell anyone, let's be secret between you and Allah. Don't reveal your sin that Allah may conceal it from people. just think may be this is the kindness from Allah to save your honor and maybe He will give you mercy. Allah doesn't like to disgrace a man who make taubah.<br />
<br />
If this evil people threaten you to expose the picture or video just ignore them and keep your faith to Allah. if something bad happen you will know who stand beside you as your true friend or family. As you say that you have a good family then you need no worry. they will protect you, insya Allah. Maybe at first they will angry and shame but remember your family love you. Sometime a tragedy will unified family to stand together and protect each other.<br />
That are family for.<br />
<br />
There always a blessing in disguise and relief after trouble.<br />
May Allah bless you and give us mercy. Amen!<br />
<br />
Wassalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh<br />
<br />
PS: I believe everybody should has and belong to family. (I consider it as a slogan)