My Soul Is Bonded

My Soul is Bonded (Also at my blog)

Have you ever thought of your self as a bondsman? Whether or not we accept it, as Muslims we are all bondsmen...bondsmen of God. We don't think of that all that much. Because we know we are free. We are not slaves to anyone. There are people right now who knows what it means to be chained down, or locked up behind bars, there are women who are kept in a ********** or a ship for export as a housecleaner, sex worker or both. There are wives who feel the misery of being called a wife, but feeling like a slave to a man, and a man who feels the emotional abuse of a woman who treats him like he's lost his manliness.

When it comes down to it, we are all bondsmen. The word "bondsman" though does not indicate a brutal form of slavery like history has told us happened to the Africans at the hands of Europeans and Amerigo's discovered lands. A bond, is something that holds you back because you owe it to someone for what he or she has done for you. A Muslim, in fact all human beings supposedly, - is in bondage to the Creator for having created us. The Creator was the originator of everything that's vast around us - things we see and can test empirically, and things beyond our current tool of innovation to voyeur on and things our minds or other great minds before us have yet to surpass and insert our rational thought on - HE'S DONE THAT AND BEEN THERE! We think that we've known so much, because we are a lesser being, and our limited sense perception tells us, this is it...and some! Our arrogance allows us to conclude that.

But God wouldn't allow that. He wanted us to know HE EXISTS.....
This was informed to the Prophet Muhammad, though not recorded in the Quran (known as Hadith Qudsi - holy narration):

"I was a Hidden Treasure, and I desired to be known, so I created Creation that I might be known."

But you wouldn't know God, if you don't strive to know yourselves. You wouldn't know yourselves if you think you're all that... Everything that happens to us, allow us to introspect our deepest soul, and realize what is within us. Are we merely defined by our sense perception? We have a beautiful face, a handsome body and a smart mind....we can inspect things that we see, feel, hear or taste and smell. Is that all? We are not that special after all then. Isn't there time, when we desire something, and a tug occurred in our heart? Was there a time, when we want to do something so pure and selfless, but swiftly a voice so faint and so much like our selves, scolded us for being stupid? If you still hear these, you've still got yourself. If you find the distinction between them all are blurry or completely merged, then you've lost yourself!

God says through a narration, and Al-Ghazzali (al-Gazel) quoted from the Prophet Muhammad:

"He who knows his self knows his Lord."

He who knows himself will hear God giving His counsel on every thought that occurs in his mind. God never ever leaves any of us.... He had a covenant with our soul before we even had our physical bodies. Go ahead...envision Mary Shelley's Frankenstein's lying there on the stretcher...before his creator. No! We humans are created in the best molds... (see Qur'an:95:4), unlike Frankenstein and even our souls were called to Him before God gently placed the "real" us inside these cavities we call our bodies. How often do we feel more captivated with our bodies than our souls, our true selves - even though we know "beauty is only skin-deep".

Perhaps your souls might tug at you in remembrance of this event: God said,
"And (remember) when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their loins, their seed (offspring from Adam's sperms) and made them testify about themselves, (saying):
"Am I not your Lord?"
They said: "Yes! We testify." lest (in case) you should say on the Day of Resurrection, "Verily, we were not aware of this"" (Qur'an:7:172)

Therefore our souls have confirmed themselves on the existence of God, and our bondage to Him. No wonder, religions have been a strong and impulsive force within human beings. Even atheists can feel the sense of bondage within them, expressed through their judgements of right and wrong in every day life. Ask an atheist to kill his friend...No! murder is wrong. Ask an atheist to have sex with his, how can I? Atheists have moral foundation- you might say inherited from the institutions of religions over the ages, but it might penetrate deeper than that. That bondage - that testification our souls performed in front of God the Lord might still tug at our hearts, and we decide moral right and wrong based on this gut feeling. Of course, we now have also entrusted our lives with rational and intellectual directions - so we ignore what our souls whisper.

Yet, today we witness true deterioration of moral standing - cold-blooded serial killers, domination and senseless killing by a government over entire populations, domination of wealth at the expense of the poor and jobless - and no remorse - no guilt felt. Our world is coming closer to its end, and we can now say this with no shame, since our modern-gurus and modern-day priests have validated the truth of this statement. Our scientists nod in agreement while they prepare their spaceship to the next evolutionary phase, while we deal with the corruption of human souls. It seems that the battle of good over evil is coming to it eerie conclusion. Dark forces is taking over and we are all lulled to sleep by its empty promises. We are being lured into bondage through satisfying our lusts and boundless desires. We keep chanting "freedom"...freedom will make me happy. We are at a loss of what happiness truly means. Do we want true happiness OR deceiving happiness. Deceiving happiness will deceive us into a temporary state of happiness, upon the completion of which, we will crave for a heightened state of happiness, and we become depressed or even manic when we are searching for that state.

The only way to return us to a normal state of happiness, is to realize our bondage to God. God has created a system for us - a way of life - wherein we can enjoy ourselves meagerly to feel relative calm, peace and happiness. We enjoy ourselves in our temporary abode of this world, and simultaneously think of Him - and pray to Him as well as praise Him as He wants - and this remembrance of where we came from, is what give us a lasting but sober happiness. We live facing the tests He send us once in a while, knowing that they strengthen us and allow us more insights into our own true nature. We compose our lives with Him as the driving force, strengthening our families and communities, nations and the world - until He calls our souls back to Him, when He will say:
"O thou soul at peace! Return thou to thy Lord, - well-please (with yourself) and well-pleasing unto Him! Enter thou, then among My servants! Yea, enter thou My Heaven!"
(Qur'an: 89:27-30)

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I'm an open book & my deceleration of war against western world is open too. I've not changed my character or haven't changed my daily routine, nor kept bare as I'm not hypocrite. But I'm caoses of new fear internationally to "RAW, FBI, NSI, DGFI. <br />
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 Pls pray to Allah for my early death so that billions of Muslim eyes get open & inspire them to revolt & reasit to uphold " KHELAFA" & remember only Khalafa can bring peace & justice for humankind.<br />
<br />
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The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said to Anas ibn Malik:
"None of you should long for death because of a calamity that had befallen him, and if he cannot but long for death then he should say: "O Allah! Let me live as long as life is better for me and take my life if death is better for me." (Bukhari, vol. 8 #362)

Don't sacrifice your blood for the "khelafa" because there is no khilafa yet! Is it in Pakistan? Afghanistan? London? You can name any place you like, but the khilafa/caliphate doesn't come to exist just because some guy calls himself the leader of the Muslim world and say that he is setting up the khilafa for everyone. This is what you call false leadership. Run far from this people, before you lose your religion due to misguidance and extremism - the Prophet says Islam is moderation. To kill yourself for the sake of the khilafa sounds very un-Islamic because we only sacrifice for Allah, and Allah is All-Powerful that you cannot decide to die, only He can decide that you die - and nobody at the time of the Prophet Muhammad had ever killed himself - kamikaze style. Reflect on your state of mind...

radiance,<br />
<br />
I find that I agree again with the Qua'ran.. At least that is my first impression.. I will need to look that passage up to get a better feel of its meaning.<br />
<br />
I find myself wondering of the value of what god is/was to have said.. to the soul or anyone. This is also true of all other texts I have read.. so my reserve is not only with the Qua'ran. This question is also true of / with the actions of the soul.. so I need to read and consider these issues.<br />
<br />
I must also add the fact of what properties the soul may have by the added notion of the physical facts we have of the lose of weight at death... a lose that occurs only in the human animal. These points, at least to me, must be pondered simply because.. god the creator has put all of these together.. and they all should be seen as creation in its totality.. as he made it.<br />
<br />
At this point however.. it seems the Qua'ran does address this issue of our (true) identity.. which is as many texts say is.. in the likeness of god. Our worldly identity is only temporary as our world is only temporary so the "covering" must be removed..<br />
<br />
I cannot thank you enough for your valuable views. I only hope we can continue learning from each other........... My book,Soulsearch(ing), has been released but I do not know of its availability yet.. I tried very hard not to make it slant for or against any religion that I know of..<br />
<br />
....................................... Lou

Hi Lou,
Please forgive me for the late reply. I was not aware of the scientific discovery on the "weight of the soul". Basically, you're saying that animals don't lose weight upon death, and so they don't have souls? Could you provide me some references please. I find it very fascinating.
I'm looking forward to reading your book, "soulsearch(ing)" - the cover looks great. I wonder what you mean by the bracket aroung search(ing).

In many ways, we are all still soul-searching, even though as Muslims we are taught that the Qur'an provides the definitive revelation (Truth) that encapsulates all the messages of old. The Qur'an discussed the fabrication that occured in the Christian religion (the concept of trinity), the Jewish religion (the rabbinic hypocrisy that occured in history) and others (see Chapter al-Maidah, al-Baqarah, ali Imran in the Qur'an). At the same time, the Prophet Muhammad also warned Muslims about their own state that can change from time to time, unwavering belief could be compromised by various threats including poverty, extremism, worldly-fascination, wealth and power-craving. For most knowledgeable Muslims who have access to the Qur'an, a conversion to another religion is very rare. The conversions that occur today is due to lack of knowledge and lack of access to the Qur'an in their own languages. The proof to this, is the widespread appearance of liberal Muslims and feminists who insists on changing the Quranic perspective according to the secular worldview. They do not convert out of the religion, but maintain themselves as believers - albeit with various complainst about Islamic Law. The Qur'an projects its own worldview - and the believer's perspectives must fall within the framework of this worldview, the worldview of truth and reality, as God said:

"Verily, the religion in the sight of God is Islam." (Qur'an:3:19)

I look forward to more discussion. :)

I have read your story with much interest. Some of my question have to do with what is, perhaps, a simple matter of translation.. from you English to mine. Though I do not know if English is your primary language... and also that may be part of my questions.<br />
<br />
I do have a copy of the Qua'ran which I do read from time to time as a reference. I am not a Muslim and also not a Christian or Jew. I call myself a Spiritualist.. though that has many interpretations.<br />
<br />
My first question has to do with your story and how you describe ... " A Muslim, in fact all human beings supposedly, - is in bondage to the Creator for having .... " <br />
I need to understand the use of bondage as you see it. Also.. It is not clear to me how it is bonded... a human having both a body and soul..<br />
<br />
............................ Thank you for considering my questions..................... Lou

English is not my native tongue, but I seem to have adopted it as my primary mode of communication. A bond is defined in the Merriam-Webster's dictionary as:
1.something that binds or restrains 2. a binding agreement: covenant
3. a band or cord used to tie something 4. an attractive force that holds together atoms 5. an interest-bearing certificate ...

The dictionary defines bondage as 1) tenure or service of a serf or slave. 2) a state of being bound usually by compulsion 3. captivity or serfdom 4. servitude or subjugation to a controlling person or force

In my story, I quoted the Quranic verse about God's covenant with human being during their state of pre-existence - that is the bond being made, a covenant. As a result of this covenant, human beings are in bondage to God - a state of being in servitude and subjugated by Him - willingly or unwillingly - willingly for devout Muslims and others. Yes, humans have body and soul, but it is the soul that was in a covenant with God - and the soul should enforce its will on the body (which includes the mind and the heart, the seats of reason and emotion). The soul must remind the mind, heart and body that they are not free to act based on whims and desires - but they are bonded by the covenant. The Muslims must submit to the bondage willingly out of gratefulness to God for having created them. The Prophet's wife A'isha once asked him why he stood up in prayer all night until his feet were swollen, and he answered her, "wouldn't I be a grateful servant?" Similarly the Prophet Muhammad sought forgiveness from God 70X a day, when he was the furthest of human beings from error and sins, yet this was due to his gratefulness and of course, to set an example to humanity.

Thank you.. you express yourself very well. For the most part, now that I understand what you meant by "bond", I find myself in agreement with much of what you say. The main points where we differ is in what the bond is.. a covenant.
Yes.. there had to be an existence before man came into question is then one of how a covenant could have been established. In this one need to have a clear understanding of how the soul existed and what kind of awareness was within this... soul.

The notion of the soul having "human or man like" properties and habits is far too simplistic. Early in mans development.. there was no real concept of how man's mind and thoughts occur.. so the notion of bondage..servitude and what we call willingness have a far different meaning. The mind has more facets and the heart is only a pump.. The soul cannot overcome the body.. it can only direct and suggest. It is for man to make the choice and.. as our world shrinks more and more.. we find the differing manners and ways of life is.. as it has always been.. regional. Man kind is part of the whole of creation and as such must continue to change. The one we call modern man is not the same man of olden times. Of this there is physical proof. It is however very uncertain as to how and where modern man came from.. All that is know is that man.. at the instant of death looses 21 grams of weight.. no other animal shows this lose. If then this is the soul departing.. was this also true for the man of old..?? Does the soul grow in size as the man grows in spiritual awareness..?? Did the Prophet Muhammad soul weigh more than your soul or mine..??

I find the Qua'ran filled with parable such as the one you state.. yes there is a message there.. yet it is a message that is regional in form and function...

I look forward to learning more of you and how you see Islam in your life and mine............................................. Lou

Lou, I might not be answering all of your questions right now, but let me try to answer a few. You stated that the soul does not have the quality of a human being as we know it. I agree with that - from my understanding of religion at this point, I would conclude that the soul has a sharper perception of reality without out physical body - thus the soul during pre-existence is more aware of the Reality of its existence vis-a-vis the Creator than we are right now - perhaps due to the distraction surrounding our temporal world. In the Qur'an, there is an indication of the state of our soul upon death: "And every soul will come with a herder (angel) and a witness (angel). You have been heedless of this, so We have removed your covering for you, so keen is your vision this day." (Qur'an 50:21-22) In another translation, the verse is written: "....Now We (God) have removed from you your covering, and sharp is your sight this Day!" From the perspective of the Qur'an, this is God addressing the soul, our true existence that can fathom reality. Therefore you are right that the soul is not the same as our human quality right now. Rather it is more perceptive and more aware of its rightful place in the cosmos. Inside of our physical bodies, the soul tends to forget what occured in the realm of pre-existence.

Hi Lou,
My response here is in regard to the regional characteristics of man. I don't believe that the soul is regional in quality due my belief about its pre-existing life. Human beings can step out of their regional character when forced to do so, such as through immigration and displacement. So the souls must have universal characters with the possibility of instilling regional characters.
However my opinion here seems to be contradicted by the Prophet Muhammad's narration: "Souls are like recruited soldiers. Those that recognize one another will come together, and those that do not recognize one another will turn away from each other. " (Muslim Collection,4:2031)

This to me implies regionalism in some ways. Some people referred to this narration in regard to making new acquaintance - sometimes we hit it off, or make good companionship with new people, but others we find to be incompatible within a few minutes. This may be in reference to this narration, whereupon our souls were in close proximity to that persons' souls during its creation- but this is mere conjecture and has no basis in Islamic scholarship, because I never researched this before. But this is how we Muslims think within our worldview of the Qur'an and Hadith (narration of the Prophet).

Islam teaches that man have a universal longing to know his purpose in life - and God supplies the answer to this longing from time immemorial through a succession of Prophets. Based on the human timeline we have prophets, philosophers and sages in people like Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Socrates, Buddha, Zoroaster and many more.

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