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Yemeni protesters storm US embassy in Sana’a over anti-Islam movie

Yemeni protesters, angry over a blasphemous anti-Islam movie produced by an Israeli-American in the United States, have stormed the US embassy in the capital, Sana’a.

Yemeni security forces fired warning shots to disperse the furious demonstrators on Thursday.

Anger is growing across the Muslim world over the $5-million movie that was financed by more than 100 Jews. 


Of course anger is growing, and whoever thinks to disrespect prophet Muhammad will be taught a tough lesson, God, I couldn't be prouder of my people at the moment! Nice job, really!!!! Now the US needs to look after their embassies in every Muslim country LOL!
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I find this sad. What happened at the US embassy had nothing to do with that movie. The attack on the embassy was a well coordinated terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11. The demonstration may have been ad hoc, but the attack required the kind of coordination and planning to take place before that movie ever came out on YouTube. The movie and the subsequent protest is just a convenient excuse for Islamist extremist to commit an act of terror on the US embassy. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Question: Does anyone here actually believe that some movie, as insulting as it may be to Islam somehow justifies murder? My opinion is: yes, I believe some of you do believe murder is justified.

Question: Did the people killed at the embassy have anything to do with the movie? Answer: No. Of course not. - so how is killing those people at the embassy justified? What did they ever do to deserve that?

On the one hand, I see comments from those of you saying you don't condone violence, yet at the same time, you are laughing about how the US somehow deserves it. Why be two faced about it? Why talk out of both sides of your head?

Personally, I want to live in a peaceful world. I respect everyone's right to their religious beliefs, their values and their opinions. There are good people and there are bad people - on BOTH sides. Violence is not the answer - ever! But sadly, as long as one side commits an act of violence, the other side is bound to retaliate.

It is all nonesense the 'muslims' getting upset about someone miles away saying something against the muslim faith and its leaders. It matters if only they enter your house and ridicule you personally, otherwise it is nothing.

missgaga, I couldnt agree more with your tongue in cheek troll logic. i just read a statement by a muslim man in iran that was insulting to all christians. i admit he happens to be an ex-convict with no connections to any political or official government department in iran. nevertheless, in response, all iranian embassys around the world should be stormed by large angry mobs, burned, blown up, and embassy staff shot... it just makes such sense.

Sorry, are you comparing a statement made by a man which no one heard about it by a 5 million droller 2 hours film made to disrespect the prophet?

1. Ok, so to follow your logic, the size of the insult is proportional to the number of people that heard about the movie? Correct? Well, how many people heard about the film only because of the violent protests and killings? Thousands? Millions? Are muslims therefore guilty of causing the majority of the insult against Islam?? I am just following your own logic here...

2. How is the movies budget relevant? If the movie was made for 5 dollars would you be less offended?

3. Why are you encouraging the protests against american embassys? They didnt make, approve, encourage, fund, endorse or agree with the film. They didnt even know it existed until muslim people carried out violent attacks.

4. Do you really think the behaviour you are encouraging can be described as morally good? You are defending your religion with behaviour that is morally corrupt. Is that what Islam is about?

Don't keep saying following my logic because you apparently have no idea what I am saying. No I am not saying that if it was less money we will be less offended so don’t try to act smart. What I am saying is that people say statements disrespecting others everyday but they don't make films putting 5 million dollars to disrespect a religion everyday do they? So don’t compare an inevitable everyday action, to producing a film, putting money and efforts of a whole cast and then spreading it on the internet, are you still not able to see how stupid your comparison is?
Are you telling me that if it wasn’t for these protests the film wouldn’t have spread? Looks like you don’t know how the Internet works, I will give you this info, believe it or not, but when you put a video on YouTube the most popular site on earth and make it the featured video people from all over the world will view it! A fascinating and new info to you, yeah? You see this is how YouTube and the internet works, they are means of “communication” if you know what the word communication means!
And Finally it is so funny how your talking as if the US government has no idea what is gonging in their country, and how they don’t agree, I’ll tell you what, if they don’t agree then they better funcking not allow such acts or allow it but not to come crying about the backlash they will face and I am happy they are facing it.

ok, now i finally understand. So if the US government doesn't spy on all internet activity of every single US citizen (no matter who they are) and somebody manages to put something on the internet that insults Islam, muslims are allowed to murder american embassy officials around the world? Have I got that right?
I used to have huge sympathy for muslims in many parts of the world that i understood were suffering oppression. Palestinians being a particular case in point. I used to be very anti-american when it came to US foreign policy. However, now that i see the large scale irrational violent protests that are being carried out around the world because of a rediculous video on youtube, and this violence being supported by the majority of the muslim world, i would have to conclude Islam is truly a religion of violence and hatred. But please, correct me if i am wrong in my understanding of what you are communicating.
But you are right about one thing, the internet really is an amazing means of “communication”. Anybody, no matter how crazy their beliefs are, is allowed to use it for freedom of expression. Do you have any idea what freedom of expression means?

"When Prophet Muhammad or any other prophet is disrespected the punishment in islam is killing"... Have you ever been insulted by what someone said and then realised later you misheard or they didnt actully mean to insult you? Do you realise just how scary your murderous belief is? Do you think most muslims share your belief? If so, can you understand why most western countries cannot with any logic allow muslim beliefs to spread?

the anti-muslim video on youtube has not changed anybody's opinion of Islam and certainly not mine, it has only confirmed that the person who made it is a complete idiot and not worth a moment of my time. what i find scary is you would kill for what somebody said, you would kill for words or some stupid video, and you claim this is according to your religion? surely you have to see why i would not feel safe living near a muslim? surely you should believe your god is great and it changes nothing if some idiot has a different opinion? Islam truly is scary, violent, and i would not wish to live in a community with muslim people. Correct me if i am wrong in what you are communicating? Otherwise i believe muslims should not be allowed to live in my country where killing is unlawful except in self defence.

killing for words is wrong, completely wrong. what i find scary is if a muslim misheard me and thought i had insulted Islam they would kill me!! Islam is insane! how can you justify killing for words? why do you blindly follow your religion without questioning any of it?

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boy for someone who says they don't agree with violence you sure like to promote it don't you?
All this over a video that was made by a petty theft who has a beef with muslim's? properly only cost him under $50K to make and wasn't even known it was on the web until the radicals started protesting and killing people last week....or did they miss the news that it was put on youtube in june? and just now saw the video? sounds a lot fishy to me. If anyone is to blame for all the protests and killing it would be who ever started the riots as now people have been looking at it more everyday just to see(currently at 1.6 million hits) and before it was under 1000 is a stupid video that didn't even deserve the attention you all are giving it now

Go read the news, it was 5 million droller film and no it was not put in June but it was in 9/11, seriously people, read the news before you post stupid comments over here!

i suggest you read the news..facts are facts...the video is even dated on youtube

Doesn't make a difference, what was it supposed to be presented? Wasn't it on 9/11 or do you think the people went out in protests for no reason? What a stupid logic that you have.


Trust me, these nonbelievers are just westing their time!! But we Muslims should learn from them how to turn the table over..!
It's a great shame for Muslim Ummah & I really feel disgreas for our present Muslim leaders as they are showing historical silence in  inhuman torcheres issue to our innocent Muslim fellows brothers  & sisters. Our leaders are busy to worshipping non believes just to ensure to get continuous undue advantages/undue beanifites.  It's time to condemn our present Muslim leaders & it's time to take over the command of Muslim Ummah by ourselves. For doing this we need to sacrifice our materialistic worlds a little COMFORT, If being a black sheep of  Muslim Ummah like me can turn around towards My UMMAH then I'm sure you can also  make it & inshallah with Allah's permission you can even do much better than me!!  Be a be a proud mujahadin for our Umah. 

Let us also condemn OIC & other Muslim organization's  leaders as from inside they are not a Muslim rather they are ideal MUNAFIQ . Let us establish/form our own orginisation to establish KHELAFA.  To rule over, only KHELAFA system is accepted in ISLAM. I know it's really extreme big task to execute & its almost near to impossible...!! But I have trust on Allah & if Allah is beside anyone/anything then nothing is impossible in this UNIVERSE, trust me...!! 

To know/learn detail on KHELAFA system pls visit:

I know some of you'll criticize on my write ups, some one may put some irrevilent comment just to have cheap popularity. I con't mind if anybody does it or not. Because I know myself.  

As a Muslim I love the last and final Prophet P.B.U.H and anything that belittles him and portrays him in a disrespectful manner hurts me immensely.<br />
<br />
As a Muslim I condemn violence because our beloved prophet P.B.U.H has taught us the way of peace and us Muslims must remember what our Prophet has taught us and protest peacefully without causing loss of innocent human life.

I totally agree!