How I Became A Muslim

I was rasied in a Christian family in the United States. When I was a child, I was involved in religion as much as any other child you could say, I remember mass, and sunday school, and yet I also remembering that what was taught never really made sense sometimes and that some things just didnt add up. From high school on, I started to disbelieve in God completely and claimed myself an atheist. Certain things happened in my life that made me come to this conclusion, one of which was my parents divorce, and another not suprisingly, was my freshman science class, and the topic of evolution i believe it was drew me further away. After High school I met my now fiance, who was raised Muslim.Over the years, he talked to me about his religion on various occasions and these talks were at first not so interesting but as time went on and I decided to listen, some things he talked about made sense and intrigued me. A big turning point for me was when my father passed away not long after I graduated high school that I started to believe in God again but I didnt know what else I wanted to believe in I guess you could say. With my fiance talking to me about the Muslim religion and of course my mother always talked about the Christan faith, I started to realize that I wanted to have a religion but one that I would believe in and not forced to. I thought back on my learnings of the Christian faith and considered it many times but I just had this feeling that I need to research more. I was 20 when I converted. I remember one day, I dont remember what I was doing but I all of a sudden thought, Im going to get my finaces Quran and read it. I washed my hands, and got the Quran and sat down and started reading. As I read the words became clearer and clearer to me, this pure-happiness overwhelmed me and I started to cry my eyes out with happiness and love from Allahs words! That feeling made me know that this was what I wanted and needed. I converted right after this experience and have been a happier and better person since. Allah is Great!
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Dear Sister, May Allah bless you and make you a strong muslim

Wow I am actually envying you but happy for you! Envying because you felt the true faith in a clear way! I am a born Muslim, I have strong faith and I could never leave my religion, but that feeling you felt, is just beautiful, I want that... There have been times when I cried reading some verses from the Quran, they were so touching, I felt they are precisely and exactly describing me, it was a beautiful feeling and that's why I have a strong faith in God, because I have felt him, however, the fact that you took the choice and had the strength to join another religion based on a faith that you felt in your soul is just something that I cannot compete with! Great story, I am happy for you, keep it up and welcome to Islam.

Thank you,people like you give me hope that not all christians will bully me for being a muslim:')

I'm a muslim by birth.I was just worried,from some experiences,that made me insecure.Thank you&fee amanillah!

Mashallah! I am a recent convert as well from a Christian upbringing

Thank you everyone for the positive comments. It means a lot. Allah is truley great!!! Peace be upon all of you!!!

mashallah! beautiful story..

As salaamu alaikum--Great story! Thanks for sharing!

It is very good that you was able to find an place to fit in, some people just wonder all their live not knowing. Congrats to you. Welcome to e.p. You seem like an very interesting woman, congrats on your upcomeing marriage also. If you would like to chat, msg me and please add me. Oh, love the game of thrones also, read the books? Got to love taz and foghorn leghorn! LATER!