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United Nations Organization was formed to unite the nations, to eliminate the wars, and to spread the peace, it is working for global peace and doing many things, but still there is some lacking in it, I dream to form a United Nations of Islam, in which all muslim countries would be the members, and it would unite muslim countries on a single platform and solve their issues and as well as the issues of non muslim countries. UNO cant handle all the problems of the world and its failed to unite muslim countries at least, so UNI (United Nations of Islam) would serve it purpose for global peace.
What are the views of you people on it, I would be glad to know the views of all people on it.
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Hello, I would like to raise my point too..... I believe you have a point but I believe you really have the pure dream but as long as their in people against Islam and they will always be there to push us down..... Its time for the muslims to stand together and form this themselves instead of waiting for the higer ups to react....

good point, its nice to see different views of different people here, muslims need unity to stand together, we must unite.

Hello. actually I just wanted to share something. so i stopped by. I liked positiveness in your thinking but you must get realistic about how world works. even if UNI is formed do you think either this org and other org s will not try to overpower each other. and there are more chances of happening so than having peaceful world. dont mind its just my opinion,but if such organisation comes to reality, there are more chances of gender unequality.I am not discouraging you. but I would like to suggest one thing for this. 'if' at least we ourselves take own responsibility that we will even start with small things like I will not let anyone even molest women in our locality, I will keep my locality clean, I will help poor children in study in any form either monitory or by teaching them etc. keep in mind there is no need of any org lead by some leaders. that is what I had to say.

True, small things done by individuals can make a big difference, I like your view too.

Sounds like a plan. what would be the rules of UNI ? Hey I know Sharia Law.

A dream which can be implemented in plan, if not in my life then coming generations may make it happen.

That's what I said and you're reply states ..'if not in my life then coming generations may make it happen'. so then, Sharia law is your plan.

Hi,Friendseeker,how are you! I think its very good,that you would like to see world peace work,in the world.I am a woman of a different faith ,who would like to see peace working tool! I would agree with you 100%,when you say,United Nations,should be about,uniting the nations,eliminating the wars,and spreading peace.Yet,in order to have an effective United Nations work,for the benefit of the world's peace,...the leader's who make up ,UN,must find unity within and amongst themselves....not have certain heads of country leader's be selfish,powerhungry,and have no regards for the whole! If we do not respect the freedoms,and rights,of people in general as human beings,and view "human life",as still the. most precious creation that is,was,and ever will be.....than I am afraid we remain in the dark! There are some very good leader's as well,who work in and for the United Nations,trying there very best to find,the answers. I am a person who likes every culture....tries to see the beauty in each one.May I just say,I have a wonderful Muslim boyfriend,and some Muslim friends.Both my boyfriend and muslim not accept or agree with "terrorism,in any matter which part of the world it comes from! It is not ok,to teach killing in the name of God,to teach children,how to be a any part of the world,whether,north,south,east or west.That is all rooted in hatred,and destruction......not love,and peace. Or what does the world do with leader's,who literally,starve out there own people,to build up the strong arm of their military? How do diamonds,gold and riches,become more valuable,than a little child...somewhere in Romania,Africa,Cuba,who lost their parents to war,and are literally starving.?So,how does world peace come,if that kind of activity is allowed?As long as,greediness,powerhunger,hatred to the point of destruction continues,selfishness,with no care of the people....from heads of states,right on down the the common man and woman.....continues....will we find worldpeace,in our time!

thanks for your comment, its great to see positive people like you on EP, Unity is the main thing that we want, on micro level UNI can unite muslim countries first and then it can move towards unity of all the countries, greed and lust for power has ruined the world which needs to be eliminated, change is possible when billions will care when one common man dies and every individual would care if millions die.