Allah Aku Bar

I want to feel becoming muslim is why my ex boyfriend was able to end our relationship so fast. and move on with his life dispite us having a 7 month old daughter.

but i cannot blame is islam and stafitalah not EVER ALLAH. he left and move on so quickly cuz ALLAH has alloweed me to change. ALLAH has allowd me to make all my salats most days and in reasonable time.

i asked ALLAH many times to get rid of him if he was no good for me & becoming/ being muslim. and sure enough ALLAH did. so i feel sad and alone but i know im not alone and i know my sadness is not what i want but its good for me to complety get over the relationship.

i have stopped smoking ciggs.
i have stopped cuzzing
i have stopped drinking
i wear my hijab everyday
and i stay modest everyday

alhumdilallah these short sentences are gigantic mountains that THE GRACIOUS KING COMPASSIONATE ALLAH has allowed me to cross without a single sweat drop.

lol it was with such ease that i have to remind myself hey ALLAH has allowed you to quit smoking after 13 years.

& ALLAH has allowed me to realearn how to talk and get my point across without a single curse word when every other word used to be profain

& ALLAH has allowed me to give up alcohol when i used to swallow the harshest liqour without even a chaser

& ALLAH has let me see the beauty i was looking for in the mirror with the tiny -est spandex clothes was truely in the putting on my beloved hijab and more long loose clothes with turtlenecks and long sleeeves and pants

in that relationship i was in i did progress but only so far. In typing all these FACTS i can smile and see ALLAH inshallah loves me and inshallah has done for me what i couldnt do alone.

may I & everyone reading my plight be among those ALLAH gives his mercy and forgiveness to and not those who incur his wrath.
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31-35, F
Jan 26, 2013