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I Was Born muslim . My whole family is , And live in an islamic country . It's not just the fact , that i was born that way , but it's also the faith , i have in me , the one that i grown , by time . It's really such an amazing feeling , to believe in something this much , to see that when u believe in god , he will always lead u to the right path , to know that when u cry , ashamed of ur sins , you only smile , right after it , when u feel such a light going throgh ur soul , that's coming from above . I think it's a messegae , to correct all the mis understood thoughts about islam , cause if i wasn't a muslim , i don't know what i would be . When i understand it correctly , it's then when i feel like i'm just ganna be fine , no matter what . Allah , never , EVER , let me down . It's how i know allah is there , it's how i believe inside , islam is the right path , just to take a look at the world , just to know , that scientists every single day , discover something " new " , but it's already written in qur'an . I'm not perfect , and all muslims , or non muslims , are not too ! So , i can't let anybody , thinks that because i'm muslim i have to be a certain way , i just have to believe , and when i do that , i'll know that we're only here , to be be tested , by great allah , and as we do , we'll be given ! So , yes , i am proud , and happy , and blessed to be a muslim :)

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@amir246 .. Ameen :) , and for you too brother , and for all the troubled souls with faith in them ^_^ ..<br />
thnx :)

Arishfem , I do really believe, that doubt could be the very first step towards certainty ..<br />
we shouldn't be ashamed of doubting , even Allah Almighty .. we should be able to say it, and as long as we want to know about Allah more, and want to crown that doubt with believing .. then we're fine ..<br />
everyone has doubts, but we're too afraid to admit them, I think if we don't admit them, then with time they'll be facts .. so it's good that you seek encouragement from such things as words, simple words, but can somehow make us believe more, just pray to god every day, try to keep him in your heart and mind .. love him .. and you'll be granted just as you wish :) .. I hope for Allah to shed an endless light upon your heart, soul and mind ^_^ .. thank you :)<br />
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adorablefreak , Thank you for being here, and spreading down true words of beauty .. , stay well .<br />

I wish I could be as faithful as you. Sometimes I find myself doubting Allah...:( But your words are encouraging. Thanks for posting.

Thanks hun so much ..<br />
May allah bless that beatuiful heart of yours ... :)

May Allah bless the happy Muslim for her full certainty in faith. And May Allah give her an easy life and keep major trials and tribulations away.