Have Been For Almost 20 Years,...

Have been for almost 20 years, since I was very young.  I love this part of my life.  Sometimes it's a little stifling, because there are things I'd love to do that are not allowed in the religion, but, oh well...
As I become older, though I think I'm more able to let myself fail or sin (whichever you'd rather call it...)
I used to think I had to be perfect, and now I'm not so sure that God expects or even wants perfection.  Actually, I know that is not what He wants.
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god dont need your prayers or your act(good and bad)your created to be yourself ,you must be driven by your instinct .the world want to c the unique in u .imagine a world where all peoples have same mentallity.

I'm sorry I put the wrong Surah, it's actually the following chapter called Sad - the verses regarding prophet David/Daud, Soloman/Sulayman and Job/Ayyub. Also, scholars say that every time we commit one small sin, God will allow the satan to lure us into a bigger one. God allowing us, imply that God progressively release us from His favor, so much so that if we continue to progress or regress in our levels of sins, we 'd eventually be seduced to deny our belief in God or His message. To not believe in God... does that scare you? If it does, then you are a true Muslim.<br />
God Knows Best.

Wordgirl,<br />
You've got willpower! Go Muslim girl!<br />
We've all been there - feeling the desire to sin. What's important is to always try our best to avoid it - and to seek forgiveness from God (Allah) everytime we sin. Try to read Surah Saffat (Koran 37), In the latter verses 83-148 you'll find Allah mentioning all the Biblical prophets (same for Muslims - Nuh-Yunus) and how Allah praised them because they are "most repentant" and continuous in seeking forgiveness. Never in these verses, did Allah say "they never sinned". I am not saying that they sinned. They are special people who God protected from evil. The point is Allah desires in his slaves to constantly return to Him and seek forgiveness from Him with full humility. Faith is not given to those who don't want it. Therefore we need to constantly call out to God and say "O Allah guide me to You and preserve me from committing evil." You can see yourself transformed - if Allah wills.