Be Not Afraid of Anything - Even Swine Flu

      Summer is almost here, and soon it's time to travel - to visit families etc.  There are lots of things to consider - potential calamities brewing around the world.  There's this swine flu virus going around from country to country, and in some countries, you wouldn't know if the statistics are being covered up. 

      No matter what the problem is, we ought not to be afraid because everything is from the Will of God.  He created both good and bad.  He created good for us, as a blessing for us to enjoy and be grateful for.  He allowed bad things to happen as a test of our patience, resolve and faith.  Knowing this, we should not be anxious over anything.

    Nothing will happen to us if God has destined safety for us, and bad will occur even if we have taken the maximum precaution, if God destined a trial for us.  Having said that, the Prophet Muhammad advised his followers to "tie the camel and trust in God" before going indoors.  In modern terms, it means securing our homes from robbers and fire, by locking the doors and installing smoke alarms.  After that, pray for God's protection but don't lose sleep over things beyond our control.

      Similarly, we can be extra clean to avoid viral infections, or we could strengthen our immunity by consuming highly-nutritious food and avoiding junks or potentially hazardous stuffs like drugs, alcohol and pork.

      Much efforts has been made to de-link the swine flu from the swines, but the reality is the virus made a jump from swine to bird in several countries in Asia during their SARS outbreak several years back.  Within the few years after that, the virus has learned to adapt within a human environment.  One interesting aspect about pigs is its similarities to humans.  Both pigs and humans share the same number of chromosomes within its DNA cells.   No other animals except the primates come close to this.  This allows medical doctors to conduct organ transfers between humans and pigs. 

          So now that the virus has learned to survive in humans, and can infect one human to another, it is unfair to deny the link that began with the pigs in order to save the pig industries worldwide.  Afterall, pigs by-products are one of the cheapest and readily available materials used in everyday processed food, soaps and shoes, amongst other things.  Many rich folks will catch depression if people decide to take the small precaution of avoiding pork while the Swine Flu Virus is making its rounds around the world.


          O God, we have obeyed Your commands without questioning the reasonings, due to our belief in Your Infinite Wisdom.  We have believe in You.  Please protect us from evil and make us amongst the steadfast.

The du'a (supplication) for avoiding harm is:

A'uzubi kalimati-Llahi tammati wa min kulli shaitaani wa hammati wa kulli 'ainil lammah.

I seek protection from the perfect word of God from every devil, vermin (or virus) and evil eye.


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5 Responses May 30, 2009

Bendinthewind,<br />
On your second comment that it is allowed to take control because we are all gods in the end. Mind you, you are not in a Buddhism experience group. For a Muslim, full control is in God's hand, but we are expected to exert ourselves and continue to rely on God through prayer - for only a prayer can change a decree that God has already written down in His Book of Decree (Fate).<br />
But yes, we do have God in each and every one of us, for God says "Remember when your Lord said to the angels: Truly, I am going to create man from clay. So when I (God) have fashioned him and breathed unto him, his soul then you (angels) fall down prostrate to him." (Qur'an, Chapter Sad 38:71-72)<br />
<br />
May God erase the arrogance in all of our hearts so that we can feel His guidance within us.

Bendinthewind,<br />
You seem to disagree with me about the link of pigs consumption to swine flu, and you're right about that. I admit there's no definitive link. However, the very existence of pig farms (for the purpose of consumption) pose a hazard for the human populations, due to the resistence and various forms of microorganisms that a pig harbors in comparison to other farm animals. It's curious alright!!

oh and noorrdiance - lighten up :) - we are all god in the end - which means we can take control - it is allowed

i dont think the consuming of pork is the problem here - its the lead up to it becoming consumable <br />
<br />
this particular article rang a bell with me<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
the fact that no other animal seems to be a transferal to and from humans is curious - mind you havent done much research on this - only started because everyone in my house seems a little ill - mucas , mild vomiting and the runs over the last week - including my pet dogs so i decided to have a look on the net and see if there was something we can all get at the same time - but apparently dogs and cats cant transfer virus's but humans and 'live' pigs can - all curious

Swine is the real culprit<br />
Juergen A. Richt, Regents Distinguished Professor of Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology at K-State's College of Veterinary Medicine, studied the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic with colleagues from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Mount Sinai School of Medicine.<br />
<br />
Their research supports the hypothesis that the 1918 pandemic influenza virus and the virus causing the swine flu were the same. Richt said the virus was able to infect and replicate in swine and cause mild respiratory disease. The 1918 virus spread through the pig population, adapted to the swine and resulted in the current lineage of the H1N1 swine influenza viruses. The researchers' study is published in the May 2009 Journal of Virology.<br />
<br />