People Think I'm An Alien

I am a thirteen year old girl, and have been entirely mute for my whole life. I have been to countless experts over the years, and still they find no answer. I have never been able to speak normally, and have had to use a combination of sign language and handwritten notes in order to communicate. Mostly, I write, because hardly anyone knows what my hand motions mean and teaching them is tedious and also unfair to those who can speak.

When I was younger, I was afraid to have friends lest I be made fun of, and therefore would sit unnoticed in a corner. Most merely thought me antisocial, but several knew my secret after badgering me for answers for so long that I told them simply to get them off my back. Of course, being inconsiderate little kids, made sure that the entire rest of the school knew before the end of the day. Almost everyone made fun of me, except for a precious few who neither pitied nor bullied me, but ignored my presence as if I didn't even exist.

Since then, things have gotten better. I moved to the Middle East with my parents and older sisters, and people here are much nicer than in the states. I have several extremely close friends who I would do anything for and a larger circle of other friendly people who are quite kind to me. I have never been laughed at here. My friends talk to me and then patiently wait for me to write a response. I have taught a few of them sign language at their request, and it is much easier and less time consuming to communicate that way. In short, my life is great.

And to all of the rest of you out there who are like me, don't lose hope. Some of you, I know, have the chance of recovering, which I never will. Take advantage of that, do your best to get better, and prove that you're more than just a meant-to-be-ignored person who can't talk. Being mute doesn't mean that you're stupid; I can't talk, and I'm a thirteen-year-old tenth grader. You don't have to talk to be smart. Do what you want to do in life. Don't let not being able to talk drag you down.

Best of luck!

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Do you have a Facebook, I am mute and would like to be friends. my email is

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"Some of you, I know, have the chance of recovering, which I never will. Take advantage of that, do your best to get better, and prove that you're more than just a meant-to-be-ignored person who can't talk. "

Get better? Define better!
I'm mute and proud. I'm not broken, I'm different. How so...?
All I had to do is find the right people and my lack of voice isnt even remotely an issue. I've collected a handful of friends, a mix of deaf, hoh, and hearing who sign. I'm the only mute there, but nobody cares. I'm as good as everyone else.
They asked me if I was hearing or deaf. When I said "hearing, but can't voice", they were perfectly fine with it.

Mute for life? Hold your head up high. There is nothing "wrong" with you, only something different. Find people who won't be hung up on it.

Hi My name is Alvaro and Im 22 years old from Madrid, Spain. I went to some singing lessons a few years ago and I completely destroyed my voice. Now I can barely talk and seems to be getting worse. i have thought about using an ipad or an application to communicate better. he thing is that I am really afraid because I feel that wihtout being able to talk I will end up alone because I cant communicate with girls. I wish I could meet a girl like me who couldnt talk and communicate with her though notes but I dont know ok anyone like that.

Anyway I hope to be able to be happy anyway and live my life the best I can.

Love to you all


I think I put comments before and you replied, where are they? what happened ?!!!!!!

I don't know! I was wondering the same thing! My internet connection is terrible, so they probably got deleted somehow when I was reloading the page.

I think the last one said something about how I could sing and how that made sense or something like that.

oh, ya, you said that you can't speak but can sing, I think that is not strange as you can sing without words, you can even croon :)

Then you asked why I don't speak, well, many reasons, I am loner and the last two years I made many decisions in my career, kicked out many things including money, and that made half of people around me think I am psycho and weird, the other half think I am big loser and I don't want to explain to every body what I want and why.

then you asked if I like music, sure I like it but music, no words, no singing, just music. it's maybe part of my psycho status :D

well, any way, I asked to send emails instead of posting here, it's easier, more secure, and can't be deleted by error, as I said you can make email for me if you don't tell your private email ?

I got email, is it you ?

No, the email wasn't me. Maybe you have a stalker :P My Internet is currently too unstable to use email, so I think it'll be easier to communicate this way even if it is uncertain.

From what I've heard you don't sound weird at all. Live your own life; don't care what anybody else thinks. If we had to obey anyone, I think we would have been told who it was by now. And anyways, I have always been regarded as somewhat of a freak by many people for many reasons. One reason, as I have already said, is because I am mute. Also, I'm moderately schizophrenic, so people have thought me weird from the start because I'm not like them in so many ways. I see things that aren't there, and hear things, and there are two revisiting apparitions that tell me what to do. Whenever the voices get really bad, I have to put my hands over my ears and just not think for a while. That helps me concentrate and get a bit of control, but people still think I'm weird.

I don't know. Maybe you do too. No one wants to be friends with a total psycho who hallucinates 24/7 and can't even say hi.

Stalker !!! Good, now I got more attention of people :D
I should say to her/him thanks for your interest :) and you can expose yourself.

First before I forget what "MegaMonsterCheetahExplosion" means?

Of course I am not weird because the whole world is weird :) but about those two apparitions , I think you was on drugs :D anyway now we agree that we both are weird psycho and no body want us as friend, so what should we do? Change ourselves and get involved or just don't care and stay in our world ?

What was the name in the email address? My username means nothing; it's just a random combination of names. And I don't do drugs :P I'm thirteen. And I'm NOT like that girl in the movie 13 either. I'm just a normal girl who only occasionally sees things. Thorazine and Lithium really help, honestly.

Well, I waited for your reply for days and I can't just post on a public page exposed for anybody like that who send me a false email. Sorry, this is my last post here, I wish if you could send me emails, Anyway it was nice to write to you, Bye :)

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