Lilone Slave Girl

Then one day...could it be? a small black box, was it really? Her first gift from her first, only and last Master? Slave girl girlishly relished to herself, My master, My One sent me something...

A small black box...
To: Lilone
Love: Master Daddy

Slave girl melt inside, she knew she would have to take this home, this was something to cherish, to open in private, to relish in the love gift that was only for her and her Master daddy to see.

On the way home she imagined what could be inside, excitedly planning in her mind how she would lay out her red silk sheet, black silk scarf, and candles, lots of red rose scented candles with patchuli inscence. She would put on her black and silk gaisha robe she bought from China town years ago for a special occasion she never thought would come. Slave girl thought of tying her hair up in two sticks to present her neck but remembered how her Master used it as a leash so sensually, powerfully, in ownership, in protection, in she let her wild black curls hang wantingly. She would tie a black ribbon around her neck to pretend it was His leather silver studded collar kissing her neck.

Slave girl was so excited as she slowly, meticulously opened the small black box as the smell of a strong man slowly danced out of the box out to tickle her nose and excite her appetite.

Her hands shook to open the plastic, to her amazement, a little inexpensive track phone with a phone card meant only for one purpose...'For Master's use only.'

The thought...the thrill of finally hearing her Masters real voice for the first time almost made her scream like a little girl. The slave girl ached everyday to feel her Masters hands on her neck, leading her by her hair, presenting herself to him for the long strong kiss and the love bites that were meant to follow. How her bottom burned with the horror and delight of what leather straps may so meticulously hang in his closet. The silky rope that could one day graze her wrists. She fantasized calling him, "It's your slave girl Master, your lilone, you girl that was meant for you, My One, my Master daddy."

The thought of hearing her Master's real voice for the first time shot fire from her bottom, flaming up her belly to tickle her nipples. The thought of helping the ache of getting closer to Him, coming closer to becoming fulfilled. Master would so pleased to hear his southern bell lilone in the world of ecstasy that he created for her. Slave girl would be so fulfilled she could get to know her Master on a whole other level.

What was this...Her sexuality was just waking up after a long waited sleep since she was a young girl...could it be...a toy? She opened the plastic, a vibrating Rabbit all the other girls talked of but she was too embarrassed to try,The little slave girl was ready now to play with such things for the first time, Daddy, er Master got her so excited every night now she has to relieve herself as not to prance around like a cat in heat and she has been yearning for some extra help to fill her as he would fill her.

Alas, there was a note. With a trembling hand the slave girl unfolded the hand written note as her heart began to melt, she read....

Then the slave girl woke up, all of excitement faded away as she awoke and realized it was just a dream, just another day alone, still broken, still incomplete without her One. With her eyes down she whispered to the wind, "I need to bow before from my Master..."
BabyGirl4You BabyGirl4You
26-30, F
Jan 17, 2013