No One Criticizes Me Like I Do

Tonight I got into a car accident, in my moms car, and drove home crying and calling myself an idiot. I ran into the back of someone's car because I was distracted and no one got hurt and the damage to the other persons car wasn't significant. Its just that I am sort of perfectionist when it comes to things that I am doing and whenever I make a mistake I get angry with mysefl. My parents aren't mad at me, the people who's car I hit weren't mad at me either but I still feel like such a loser right now. I was apologizing more so for the damage I put on my mom's car when she was more concerned for my safety instead. I know this sounds crazy and ridiculous but its what I have been doing to myself since I was a teenager. I guess I fear others criticizing me harshly so much that I try to beat them to it by doing it first.

cyn19love cyn19love
22-25, F
Feb 28, 2010