God Is Inside Us All...

There are many faiths and at the pure, unadulterated core of all of them is love.


"God", "The Devil", Heaven and "Hell" are all personality traits and destinations in our very own psyches.


I Am My Own God....and I love who I deem worthy. If you think I am a narcissist, you are mistaken and haven't loved me yet.

Guess What?

YOU Are Your Own God...

You're Welcome!
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Who said love is the basis of Christianity? It is a small albeit an important part in the big scheme of things. No offence, but you do not have the capacity to grasp how it works yet.

Hahaha... please feel free to debate this link:

Oh, if you were going to mention that Christianity is about serving God or getting punished, I grew up Roman Catholic, so I know about that fairytale hierarchy very well.

Maybe you should have given up the Roman Catholic Church and found another branch of Christianity instead of rejecting it all together. I'm a Presbyterian myself and some of words are why Protestism developed in the Middle Ages. My faith is strictly biblical. There no Latin learning where you don't even know what it means.No doctrine that you "obey and pay" and that's the best way to get to heaven. Read the "LOve Chapter". 1st Chorinthians 13th Chapter where it defines love. At the end of the chapter it states" The Greatest gift of all is love. Without love all the other gifts are meaningless and worthless."

Those are but a few verses among 1000's. I can pick and choose verses that can justify anything - from suicide to murder to you name it. So clearly, the way that you are attempting to go with this will not work. What you need to find out is how those verses fit into the big picture and that will require lots of reading. Spanish Train by Chris de Burgh would be a good place to start.

Just to clear up something about this "love issue". It is no ordinary love like that you have for a boyfriend a child or a parent. You should love the rapist of your 2 year old daughter as much as you love your children or parents. It is not humanly possible!! It is easy to love those that are good to you, but an entirely different thing to love "the scum of the earth" with the same intensity!!

If this does not get you thinking, I really don't know what will. At least start by asking, Why are Christians required to love like that?

So, maybe we are on the same page now? I love the rapist and hope he suffers but I do not believe that I should deprive them of penance at the hands of guilt. I do not condone the death penalty as it is an easy way out for such monsters.

How can you love someone and hope he suffers? You are contradicting yourself my dear. You do not wish your children to suffer, do you? You want them to prosper and be well!! You should love your children and the rapist with the same intensity and want the same for both!!
It is easy to love those who are good to you, but an entirely different story with "the scum of the earth".
Is there a way that I can communicate privately with you?

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You are so wrong and I suspect your mind has been made up. So there is no point in debating this fallacy of yours. :-)

We are all our own Gods until you find another God that supersedes your own thoughts as to what's right or wrong. That's what faith and religion are about. You have to admit that if you are your own God, you are a very fragile and weak God.

I vehemently disagree with you, as man creates "God" in a multitude of guises and rulebooks. None of which are infallible, including mine.

Deity cannot be created, so humans cannot create God. Who are we really fooling when we say this?

I've thought this for a long time....

Although....I think most people wouldn't agree with me!