Can't Say That I Care For The Followers Very Much

You know them; they can't seem to make a move or establish a thought without the approval of their friends.   How dare they see something outside of the prism of the little cliche' group they belong to.  They feel one way but act another way publicly in order to fit in, effectively selling themselves out for the sake of approval.   I occasionally come across these types in my personal life and in my EP life and I don't care for them very much.  I show them respect when respect is due because I try not be judgemental.  But honestly, I think one should have a judgement on this issue. It's really simple.  Lead or follow.  Be unique or conform.  It's a choice.

I prefer people who can think for themselves and who aren't afraid to tell people to "go to the devil" if those people try to pressure them to think a certain way.   But, hey, that's just me.
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5 Responses May 21, 2012

While i feel comfortable with being called a nonconformist, I look back and see that I gained a lot by, once in a while, stepping onto a well-chosen path made by others.

Agreed! about the only time I have to control myself is when I have had to address people who are in authority, (cops, Judges, and the person who cooks my food at the restaurant) These are people you really don't want to **** off. I always conform and behave.

Ha, ha. Not to mention the wife. But yes, I know the types. Sheeple.

Well love me or hate me, or don't even think of me, because I will never follow. I do my own thing as much as i can. It get's me into some trouble, but I don't conform to any stereotypes. I tried that after college, to fit in with the "Guys" at work. I just couldn't do it...I have to be me! <br />
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Nice post!

thatguy...I've never seen myself as any sort of leader... but I've never felt the need to follow anybody either.....I guess cause I could see something interesting in a lot of different "crowds" when I was a kid in school and liked to talk to everybody.... The only ones I ever avoided were the means ones and some things never change...I still try to avoid that group! :D

Oh yeah.....I've bumped into a few too.....It's especially sad for them when they end up turning on each other and find they have no one to turn too.... Cliques are way too limiting. So many folks have soo much to offer us. It's almost criminal to isolate ourselves to just one "group" Best to skip around and have fun with as many different types of peeps as possible!!

Here, here! It's way better to make and take your own path. You get where you want to be in wayy better time that way. Plus, not being under the control of some pack or other leaves you free to see how awesome life is, viewed and experienced, on your own terms!!