Why So Critical?

I never considered myself to be critical, but its something that I started noticing about myself. Anytime I think something good about myself, I seem to come back with a critical viewpoint. I dont necessarily think this is a bad thing- I dont want to reward myself too much or get a big head, but sometimes I think it might hold me back. One aspect of my criticism has led me to a lack of self-confidence. Self- doubt enables growth and learning but too much isnt good. And most importantly I am scared that I am critical of others. I have always been such a loving, easy going person very accepting of others, and if I had some truly critical thought about an individual I probably wouldnt share it. Not only would that be rude and wrong of me but I wonder if critical thoughts of others are the same self criticism I do to myself. I find myself always asking WHY in situations, wondering why people act a certain way, why things are the way they are etc. in any event I dont mind criticizing myself, but I feel really guilty for having critical thoughts of my family and friends.
dreamingtoomuch dreamingtoomuch
18-21, F
Sep 17, 2012