It's Not Just Me

Throughout my life this group title has applied to me. I am hopelessly in love with a woman who is the same as I was when I was marrid...We avoid one another(her avoidance is extreme and lasts for days) Mine used to last for hours. In both cases alcohol or drugs(Pot only I swear((I think))
She says she's in love with me too.... When we are together we are connected.... Our love life sucks..she was raped at 14 and abused in every relationship since.Until now..old habits die hard and old behaviors reappear I am in love and think I need to shut it down...again
Every time I see my woman I fall in love again...She knows she can't have a relationship. old stuff repeats.If I could break out of this
mold I would.It is an unconditional love that is Karmic And self defeating because misery is the end result
nuf said
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51-55, M
Feb 5, 2011