I Never Touched The Hot Stove

I am twenty-one years old, and I feel like I missed out on those teenage years where I was supposed to do stupid things like sneak out of my house and make out with people and be a stupid teenager. I have always learned my lessons easily- like too easily. I learned not to touch the hot stove as a child not through experience, but because my parents told me not to, and I listened. I didn't date in middle and high-school because I knew it was stupid, it wasn't like any of these people were the love of my life, so what was the point. I learned from my friend's mistakes, my parent's stories, and the general lessons society teaches. So I really never made mistakes, and I really don't have any good stories of the stupid things I did. I din't even really have my first kiss until I was in college, and it was with my first (and only) girlfriend, who I was with for two years after that. And now that I am an adult, and have responsibilities and supposedly have all of that out of my system, now I feel like the only thing I want to do is make mistakes.

In contrast, my roommate was always one of those people who had to learn from her own mistakes. I tell her she is one of those people who has to touch the hot stove to learn. So is one of my best friends, and I envy them both to no end. My roommate was telling me a story tonight about her getting caught with her shirt off, making out with an old boyfriend on a bike path when she was 16, and she says to me "what? I was 16, we all did stupid stuff like that. You must have stories like that!" And I had to say 'no' because I really just never did. I was a straight A student who had a small circle of friends, and my mom was my best friend. I was always very grown-up for my age when I was a kid, so I didn't get along very well with kids my own age, so I guess there was no influence for me to do stupid things, which I was proud of when I was younger, but now I am disappointed I missed out on. I know I am too old to act that way now, all of my friends got their crazyness out of their systems freshman year, but I was still a goody-two-shoes then, and I just really hate that I missed out!
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lol I wonder if it is ever too late for us, or if we can start any time we want?

Me too! :) I'm 31 and now wanting to start "living it up" a little more, now that I have 3 kids..lol

I know how you feel. I was and have always been a "good little boy"<br />
No crazy stories to tell. No wild oats sewn. Just a safe boring unexciting life. I too feel jealous when others talk of their teenage and college years. So at least we are not alone right?

So when do you plan to start enjoying life and learning from mistake's made ? Just make sure there safe mistake's. : )