look in the mirror and wonder how is it possiable for others  to see good in me or even think i am pretty ? I see someone thats ugly, nasty fryed hair, someone who is to skinny but yet fat if that makes since ? Wanting to lose my love handles and have a flater stomic. my hands wrists and face look too skinny. I have gone so far down that all i see is negitive and wondering how anything good people say could be true.  Seeing the white lines on the surface my scars and wondering what people would think of them and the reasons behind them. Small lips that is bearly there. Someone that is four eyes and has wide hips dispropotional. The voice that sounds like a horse high and squeeky. wish i could cange the fact that  i have a unibrow.  feling ugly when i am at my best. like i can never messure up and be pretty enough.

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wow, you are a really good writer because it has flow and is nice to read.

Thanks I was am upset when I write most of there stories

thats really the best time to write because something very deep comes out when your upset

the outside will change eventually, but what stays is whats inside you. that is what is important. looks fade. and people who are so concerned about their looks are usually very shallow people. you have to love yourself for who you are, before people can love you. you are a pretty person, and you need to believe that. you down yourself and dont worry about what people think of you. its what you think of yourself. im sure your a beautiful person . I hope you will believe that.

to be honest this is how i see myself no one told me these things

Maybe with time but I don't right blnow and haven't for a few years

we must be twins !!

Aww girl, <br />
i bet youre the only one who sees that. :)

I am my worst enemy and i hope so

:) pretty lady.

You're beautiful <3

Thank you :)