I Have a Tendency to Be Self Sabotaging

 when i meet someone that i care about ( for instance Jake ) i tend to  " test " the relationships ... by either  disappearing for a few days or  by freaking out ...  or i react if i dont think things are the way they should be i go off  im really  sarcastic and can be  pretty mean with my words ....  i dont know why i do it ??? i think its to give me security ... or a reaction from my  insecurities
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2007

u r not facing yourself....u should be more coinfident...

It's because you have two fears. You're afraid you don't deserve true happiness, whether that be in a relationship, work, school, or life in general. You're also afraid that perhaps the things that should bring you happiness...won't. The only way to conquer these fears is to lower your guard and enjoy the things you want. If it turns out to be less than the ideal you hold, you have to change the experience or remove yourself entirely. If that is the case, it would be prudent to seek out new experiences and explore yourself a bit deeper to see what really makes you happy. You might be surprised (perhaps even shocked) what you learn.