My Own Worst Enemy... And My Friends Too.

I am schizophrenic and anhedonic. I cut myself. A lot. My girlfriend took my scissors off me. I got a pencil sharpener blade and kept going. She took that off me too. My parents found out and yelled at me. I know I have mental issues, but they don't. When my friends annoy me, the voices say rebel. Be violent. I threaten them. To kill them. I make them cry. They are teenagers like me. I don't know what I can do. Counseling doesn't work. I can't feel pleasure. It is not nice. This is my story for today.
Cimeon Cimeon
2 Responses May 19, 2012

:(poor baby y cut you are so beautiful you should not do that to yourself

Hi Cimeon. I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I am no expert, but I think you really need to see a doctor. Are you taking medication? I know you say counseling doesn't work but maybe you haven't found the right one yet. I'm also sorry that your parents yelled at you. As a mom, I would hate it if one of my kids was suffering the way you are without doing something to help. Please reach out to someone. Have you tried calling one of those hotlines? I will be here to talk if you want. Hang in there. There are people out there who care and don't want you to suffer. I don't know you but as a fellow human being and child of God I care. =)