My Enemy Is Myself! And No One Else Poem (kind Of)

Im alone no one is there no one can hear me cry. Im my own worst enemy and it kills me inside. Im not the only one all though it feels like that sometimes but i know im not. I dont like who i am. Everything about myself disgusts me. My hair my body my clothes. Im sorry for all the people who have to look at me everyday at school and at home. My friends are no help. All my friends are skinny and pretty and get all the guys. Im a nobody in this dark and lonely world im just stranger to myself and to my peers. No one understands all they can do is tell me not to. They dont get it wont work! nothing will work my mind is a master at creating misery. My mind is the devil in my head. It tells me things i know are wrong to do them anyway. My mind is evil and works in misteris ways that even i cannot explain .Im a prisoner in my own body and theres no one that can help me. Im alone and ill always be alone no matter where i am or who im with ill always be alone. I can talk and eat but its not me. Nothing anymore the old me is somewhere where no one will ever find. Me the real me has been gone for a very long time nor i nor does anyone else know when or how its coming back they just hope that it is.

- Cassidy L.
avelee101 avelee101
18-21, F
May 21, 2012