But It's Actually Quite A Positive Thing

I actually get along great with myself. There's still a little subconscious clutter in there waiting to be burned through, but on the whole my brain is pretty cooperative. No thing and no person out there has the power to eff with my like my own brain can. Natural or supernatural, I have not aligned myself in such a way to create any enemy worthy of my fear. It's probably not usually a positive thing, but to be your own enemy at least means no one outside yourself has control over you. You just have to work on being our own best friend, too. ^_^
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

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I am absolutely on the same track as yourself. I do tend to look back and think 'Oh, why did I do/say/think whatever, but when you begin walking the right side of the road, and almost embrace your feelings and as you so nicely say theres no worse enemy..it is a much nicer, broader view of a short sentence {I am my own worse enemy} but hey, we're handling it..aren't we....x

Well said. :)

Yep, it was a long haul, but I got there, glad you made it too.!! hahaha

That's a lovely way of putting the phrase, and brilliant! Certainly a much more positive way to view it. It makes the phrase sound much more desirable as well.