I Make Myself Ill.. With Stress.

I make myself ill with stress.. but i dont realise I'm doing it, until it happens :(

Every few months my body has a shut down, i cant walk properly, my back and shoulders ache and my arms feel like lead. And to top it all off i get jaw lock :( weird symptoms. My doctors tell me this is all stress related.. is it? or is this what they tell you, when they don't know what it is! I get so frustrated, i refuse to quit work when it happens, which proberly prolongs the symptoms.. but what can i do, I dont feel stressed. Im happy with my life, i dont have financial worries, i live in a nice place, I have good friends and family. Yes there are problems, naturally.. but there are plenty of people alot worse of then me.. so generally i feel blessed with my life.

I'm told i carry stress in my body and eventually it wont take anymore, so it shuts down... does anybody else have this problem, and how do you deal with it?
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3 Responses Jul 7, 2012

We all deal with stress differently! I too shut down, but I take it to another level and actually dissociate, and feel as if I'm trying desperately to leave my body. Its actually the bodies way of trying to fend out panic and anxiety. In and of itself is a terrifying feeling. Things appear to not be real and I too have that feeling of unreality. <br />
while some individuals get ulcers we shut down and I dissociate when even the normal stressors get to be too much. Good luck!!

Hello again, unhealthy fear is usually the primary cause of stress, by unhealthy i mean fear of not getting what you expect, and if you get what you expect you fear loosing it again, so as you can see getting what you want ,or not getting what you want both contribute to stress. You may have heard me talk about life being made of illusions , i think this is one example. you say isn"t every one like that, well yes thats why theres so much stress. We are all responsible for making plans but it is delusional to think we can predict the out come, we can only have faith in our plans wants and needs. most humans with out realizing are to some extent controlling,in the illusion that they are in control of they destiny. All the above examples are causes of stress but unfortunately most of us dont realize it. By living this way we are playing God. Just relax and listen to that old song by the beatels ( Let it be) and let your life unfold with out trying to control it. Life is far greater than any of us and it has never being controlled, dictators have tried but have never succeeded, but thats another story. I hope all this has not caused you stress, lol bye for now

Hello, im sorry to hear about your stress, it seems that stress can manifest its self in many ways weather it be physical or mental. Like you i all so feel some how ashamed of feeling stress when i hear about other peoples problems , but i try not to do this any more because stress is personal to you especially if it interferes with your quality of life. Feeling frustrated about feeling stress will only increase the stress, and stress is not prejudice, poor people feel stress , and rich wealthy people feel stress. I all so find it interesting that stress is not only brought on by negativity, stress can be a cause of high expectations, and it does not matter what those expectations are, for example you say you have good friends and family and no financial worries , this may sound strange but paradoxically this could be the cause of the stress, you are so great full for this, that some where in your subconscious mind you have a slight fear of loosing your gratitude for life. Now im not saying thats the case, but the human mind is very subtle complex and baffling. But if the symptoms continue i would get a second opinion, hope you feel better soon, bye.