I Hate Myself

i am the running away from people....i hate the people who love me the most....i insult my mom who loves me and try to console me every moment...i am rude to my brother who tries his best to make me happy......and i am doing this to them because i failed to achieve what i planned to do this year......i failed in every relationship...every field....i want to experience success....i dont want to fail anymore in my life.....i passed this 2-3 months in extreme pain.....help!!!!
alonempty alonempty
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 21, 2012

Im sorry that you feeling like that and also i think that you are to young to put hight expectations in your life...look back and try to think of good things...you dont need to bee perfect...its all in your head and you always need to be positive and love first yourself than everithing will be diferent and you wont be in pain . be strong

set another goal and stick to it and you will achieve it. You have that look about you that nuthin gets in your way and anythings possible. Tell me I am wrong.

its true...thanx alot 4 ur advice

no probs anytime !!!