The Conflict In Me

I love my husband, he is my best friend and has been for the last 12 years of our marriage. The last thing I would wanna do is hurt him. But I have these feelings for another man. An older man, with whom I have shared the most passionate kisses, made out, and on one occasion, have come so close to making love.

This guy now says he doesn't feel anything for me, and just wants to be friends. I hate myself for wanting more...
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4 Responses Dec 2, 2012

the thrill and excitment of being with another,,,can be a strong desire

No need to hate...Acceptance is always the better route. Life is full of need harping on failures or things of such nature.
This older man, has shown you your ability to be passionate. Want to make this feel right? Teach your passion into your love life.
It's normal, it's natural...
Not hateful!

We are all human , Maybee there is something missing in your relationship and subconsciously you just can't see it or admit it. Heck I've done more bad naughty things than most people could ever imagine

Ok, look forward to it, I also have some work to do for a bit. ;)

Lol no totally different kind of job :-)

Hi, there is something in your relationship with your husband which is clearly not satisfying you (otherwise you wouldn't feel the emptiness this other guy is somewhat fulfilling). I hope you can sort out your husband before you continue with the new guy. You owe your husband the respect and faithfulness he deserves. All the best.

Maybe, can you turn the focus away from this man, stay away from him, and focus on your husband, rejuvenate what you have with him? You don't want to lose both in the end. Sounds like you've got a good guy. Maybe you're just addicted to the drama, and not the guy necessarily.

No, you're not a demon at all, particularly that you confessed quite honestly to your husband. This is quite respectful of you, and that is a good thing. I really am glad to see that you're working through this together. That's very positive, and is something that can your relationship stronger. When you said he suggested you pray together, I said, "Amen". Praying together is absolutely powerful, I believe. Don't forget, you and your husband are in life together to grow together spiritually. You are learning together. Keep that love strong, and keep the faith. Be aware of temptations. Apply what you have learned so that your tomorrow's are stronger together. You have a good man holding your hand.

Not a demon, human