Entering Into Slavery

A few weeks ago, I agreed to become the personal property of a certain individual, and have since, to a degree, come to regret some parts of it. He is moving too fast with eliminating all aspects of my life before I became his slave, I was hoping for a more gradual transformation.

I know I can never become an independent person again and will always be owned by this man, unless he decides to sell me, but I would love to at least for time keep some of my own identity, at least until I get used to the idea, and them I would be more content to completely succumb to the fact I am a slave.
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Jean(My Friend) I'm understanding your feelings. To submit to Someone, there is mutual satisfaction. Can you get " Dirty Dancing " The Movie. " Baby ",the main character submitted cos she really wanted to. Write to me. I'm a counselor who understands the need to be Submissive. It is only good if you want to Submit . I want to REALLY know you. We can help each other. I'm a male caregiver. I will care for you. DominantDon

I also am registered at the slave registry. I think if you did not have an agreement as to how the relationship would work going in, then you are bound to whatever he dictates. My owner is my wife and I have as many rights as she allows me, which happens to be none. I was a bit resistant at first, but am a natural submissive. I found very quickly to leave the "me" behind and it has actually been better for me mentally from that point. Happy slave :)

Why would you want to do this in the first place.
Is this through the BDSM scene and just roll play?
Your profile says you are in Canada, surely there is not a legal binding there for this to happen?
Surely you can get out if you want to if it goes to far.

Hi again, Robyn. Thank you so much for taking time to comment. I fully agreed and promised to be his slave and even enrolled myself in "The Slave Registry" as his "owned slave", they issued me a registration number. This is probably not legally binding, as you say, but I made him a promise. But, hopefully, Robyn, I can find the courage to say no to this man, although saying no to anyone is not really in my nature. Perhaps, if I may, I can try to rely on your strength, at least figuratively, to get through this extremely period. Please, if you would, be there for me if I have to vent!!

Hi, I don't know where to begin. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves almost 150 years ago, here in the states. There are some cultures that still have them, but I don't know enough about them to be able to say anything with any intelligence.

I would lime to ask, why do you want to be anyone's slave? What's in it for you? Do you get a big house, a fancy car, sex whenever you wish? Define what your being a slave is. Wash his clothes, clean his house, give him sex when he wants it? Do you get to have friends, or family visit, get to leave the house? Or is everything just about him? You're even losing your identity, your name, where you came from, friends, family?

If things are already looking that bad, and your future, is not your future, you need to get out... Fast... Run like the wind, don't look back. This is your life we're talking about. YOUR LIFE. You have but one life. You were put on this planet for a reason, and I'm sure it was not to become someone's slave.

So you made a promise. Promises are made to be broken. They are every minute, of every day. Politicians break promises all the time.

I will promise you this. If you give up your entire life to this man, lose your identity, become someone you aren't, you'll regret every minute of it for the rest of your life. You'll hate him, and worse, hate yourself. You have a mind of your own, please use it.