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sometimes, i just hate myself. not always though. but when i look in the mirror, i'm disgusted, i've let my acne and my weight get the best of me. often times when i walk away from a conversation, i dwell on it for days because i feel like i said one little thing wrong. if i think about my past, i'm proud of the accomplishments i have made, but i can't help but think of how things could have been. when i think of my future, i fear that it won't turn out the way i wanted it too. i hate having this **** rolling around in my head all the time.

scooper scooper
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2009

Don't worry, we all have moments like that. Be nice to yourself even when you make a mistake, learn to be gentle and forgiving to yourself. It makes it easier for other people to be nice to us when we are nice to ourselves.