I have been pretty depress lately, I can not stop the crying.... So I call my boyfriend every time I cry ( we have been together for 7 years ), he is getting really tired of me doing this ... It's making him sad ... I do not want him too feel this way because of me ... I am trying not to call him as much, But he is the only one that makes me feel better ...
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Are you trying to have children?

Something must be triggering this. An old memory perhaps job related or insecurities. Something. Once you figure out what it is you will be able to start searching for what you must do to fix it. It is great that you have someone there, someone who obviously loves you and though he may seem tired of you always being down, I bet there is nothing he would not do for you. Just keep your chin up and think of what I said.

What comes to mind every time you cry? What is causing it?

I live in Venezuela so chances are anything you want to do go bad ... For example my sister is pregnant with triples, she lives in Spain, we can't find tickets to go and visit her ... So that makes me really sad and hurt my first reaction is to cry my secon call my boyfriend

When it comes to depression and happiness, the first thing we need to learn is that we cannot depend on someone else to make it better for us. When we depend on someone else, then we will never know the meaning of real happiness. I know you love your boyfriend and he is a great line of support for you, but you need to try to work on this on your own.

Is your sister in trouble with the pregnancy, or is she healthy?

She is really healthy... She is 30 weeks all the baby's are viable ... This should be a family thing, we want to share the moment ... And meet the new members of our family ... But we can't because our government sucks ... A we can't find affordable tickets to go ....

I know this may sound strange or crazy but if you can't go and really wish to be a part of her birth, Possibly could you use Skype video chat? It will make it so you are almost there. Just a thought.

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