So. This is what I thought about for quite a while.

No one can really break me.. no one can actually hurt me. Except for myself. The things I say to myself are destructive, and when they came out of the mouths of others the words would be labeled as verbal abuse.

I am the only one who can kill myself. And it is a very scary thought.
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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

I call that my dark place. Where things that have been said to me haunt my memories and things I say to myself substantiate their words in a never ending cycle. Possibly the words that others say actually do affect you in ways that you just don't realize.

When others say I'm ugly.. i mostly don't care... when I say it to myself it's devastating...

It's so strange... and indeef a very dark place

I think we all have that dark negativity in us. But we also have a positive one you know - one we can use to overpower the negative thoughts. So when you hear tourself thinking negativity, stop, pause and think 'No, I am not. I am beautiful, very beautiful - some may not see it but it's their lack of sight.' So always have that positive response! Because with negative thoughts you'll truly get no where. Best wishes! ;)