It is difficult for me to have meaningful friendships... I kinda like a lot to be alone but then I find that my relationships with others decay easily. I have my two circle of friends but in none of them I feel completely part of. In college I know a lot of people and do all kinds of works with them...but when the projects are done I feel like I am nobody for them again...I blame myself for being too nice, naive, insecure and maybe sometimes uninterested. Is hard for me to balance my personality. I like to be left alone but I also like people. Most of the time I feel weak and dumb around others and people tend to take advantage of that...I feel like I am going backwards....
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Maybe set a limit on your self when hanging out with friends. Make any conversation interesting , hang out for a little bit and then say good night. It will make your friends want u to come more out more. I hope this helps.

That's exactly what I do times it works, but it seems I need to learn to be a bit more confident some love...that's difficult for me...I am trying to learn by being more caring with my family

Well right now , ur doing that, by talking to strangers . Lol u just made me feel what ur feeling inside. That all what your family/friends need, to feel ur heart with with love thru ur words

You are right :), thank you, id you ever need help message me.

I have exactly the same problem if you ever need a shoulder count on me