Thinking too much all the time is ruining my life. I constantly think everyone hates me or that I am stupid and worthless and go full on paranoid about everything. I overanalyse every situation and never fail to think about the worst thing that can happen. Every time I think about these things I feel sick to my stomach. Everyday is a constant battle between 'it's nothing' and 'what if?' and honestly every time I try to convince myself it's probably nothing serious I don't even believe myself. I know I am not because I feel okay when I'm around people and I don't have any thoughts about self harm or suicide but I've really lost motivation to do a lot of things that are really quite important. I don't know what to do anymore. Why can't I just be perfect?
MsParanoid MsParanoid
18-21, F
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I think perfect is boring ... If your trying to be perfect you're setting you're self to fail ... It's impossible, their is always some thing you can do better and some thing that can be improved ... You should try to do better every time you do something and be happy about that and find the joy in becoming a better version of your self ...

Same here I feel lost but not depress

My age does not fit me.. I feel like I'm 15 very naive :/