I'm going to start saying I've been bullied my whole life.its either I'm a ****,not good enough,or told to go ahead and hang myself already.therefore I starve myself and I'm very depressed and tearing my body up into pieces.i know it's not okay so you don't have to tell me it's not right but I'm getting at is I think the problem with me is me
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I'm sorry you've been bullied. Those people are just ignorant. GOD is your refuge always :)

I hope i can help by offering reassurance that you're not alone in feeling like this....i myself and a 15 year old male and struggle with the same problems...i have never been called a **** but i was bullied for years for being overweight and have been depressed for quite sometime....everyone feels this way especially as a teenager and the best thing to do is to find friends who care about you and like you for who you are and not listen to the bullies no matter how hard it is.

Yea they are the more popular kids and thank you.its fine I'm trying to get better so I just need to focus on that but it's hard.

if i may respond... I dont think the problem is you I believe the problem is all the emotions from being bullied and all the pent up anger and sad feelings that stem from that. I'm not a psychologist nor i do i think you need one i just like trying to help out so that being said, if you ever need to talk to someone who knows nothing about you and wont judge i'm here as a vent. I hope you feel better soon and things will work out and get better you're still young and have alot of good times ahead. :)

Thank you 😌

Let me guess the people who bully you: the popular or more wealthy kids. Yeah. You just wait, one day you'll be making it in life while their on the corner f****** for money. So just ignore what they say I know that's hard to do( it is for me too) but when you learn to not give ****. Life will get easier. I'm sorry this happens it's not cool. *hugs*