I have bad luck with women, I'm only 19 and I mean I'm not a hot guy but I don't think I'm the ugliest guy out there you know? I am an intelligent person, I'm not a bad dude, I mean I can be cheesy I guess but in a funny clever way. I just feel like even the stupid douchebags get to be with whoever they pick and choose, so why can I not be with someone I actually care about and want to share my life with?
I'm just saying..
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U haven't found the right person. I feel the same way, I am a very nice and caring woman , but I only meet really mean guys in my life

I'm also a very impatient dude too.. That's a problem I guess.

Being patient just takes practice, it's hard work. It's just working together with the other person.

True :)

You are putting way too much thought into it. Most girls, even the smart nerdy ones that may not b super attractive want a guy that has a high measure of confidence and that doesn't really give a **** what anybody thinks about him. Remember this always "no decent girl wants to bang a dude that wouldn't bang himself."

Yeah I get that a lot but I put too much thought into everything, that's not necessarily a bad thing though.. But I understand where you're coming from

No I was just like you. A thinking man has a ton to offer the world. Unfortunately, there are few of us out there so my advice is when it comes to women, your thoughts are your thoughts. I would make a woman earn the right to engage your mind. Up until that time just have fun. Have dates and fool around with as many different girls as possible. Tall short goth preppy athletic. You will figure out what YOU want...

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