So... I'm 22yrs old & it seems like I have a huge problem being faithful and being in a committed relationship. I have to say that I have been very fortunate to always come across GREAT/BEAUTIFUL girls that will be willing to love me unconditionally.

But for some reason I have managed to mess all that up in the past by cheating. Everytime I go out I start to drink and get flirty. Now I have built this bad reputation for myself where everyone says I'm a "Player". Which completely sucks. Since my last relationship I have been taking time to figure out what my problem is, I HATE cheating and hurting ppl but I honestly believe I have a problem & I want to stop it. I acknowledge it and want to fix it at this point.

Once again, I have met a BEAUTIFUL loving girl who I believe would be perfect for me and I'm ready to be with her long term.. I'm just so scared I will mess this up. Could I really change and fix myself or should I just not waste her time? :( How do I change? I need help.
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The way to change is by changing your actions first. Whatever you do, do it differently. After you diligently practice this for awhile the. your thoughts and mind will follow and also change. You have the power to be whoever you want you just have to have the awareness and knowledge on the process.

I'm thinking I could start by not putting myself in those situations to begin with and control my drinking. I think that now that I have acknowledged it I will put the work into changing. It's time to grow up and fix it. Thank you for your advice tho :)

It worked for me. I'm an addict been clean for most of two years. :) much happier and much better life.

Wow. Really? You haven't drank at all for almost 2 years? Wow.. I give you mad props. I've tried :(

I havent shot up heroin in almost two years ;)

Oh snap.. So you used to be a heroin addict? Wow... Good job man! Super proud of you.. I can't imagine how hard it was, but you overcame it.

If I can change. Anyone can. I was a professional. Worst of the worst.

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