Life is too short to be feeling this way !! Definitely need to do something about this asap !
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You need to start feeling your mind a different type of energy !
All positive vibes ✌️

Why are you feeling so depressed mate?

Haven't slept well all summer and it's really taking it's toll on me :/ I wish I knew why I can't sleep but I don't.

Sleep it essential I find it hard to function without 6 hours min and defo affects mood.
Have you tried different things to tackle this problem you can overcome?

At first I figured I'd let my body fix itself and eventually I'd sleep like I used to, now I'm on meds and going to see a therapist. Hopefully something gives and I can get my life together. I've never been depressed and I can't remember the last time feeling sad before my sleeping problem. I truly can't function on little to no sleep it just ruins my mood and energy levels. I don't look forward to the next day anymore knowing I'll feel like **** all day. I was once so happy and full of life. Feel like I'll be stuck this way forever.

Have you tried
- sleeping Techniques - I.e meditation
- exercising more
- turning off all electrical appliances a few hours before bed and making your room as dark + comfortable as possible ment primarily for sleeping
- accessed your diet - caffeine consumption
- Sleep sounds app

Just a few ideas.

What works best for me is to just turn everything off and try forget about my gambling loses while I sleep. I actually like the escape from thinking or worrying which is a worthless emotion

I've tried just about everything and my room is always a sleep inducing sanctuary , always dark and quiet. I have always had a bad habit of playing video games and watching tv until really late but I broke that habit and still can't find something that helps get my sleeping together.

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