When I was in seventh grade I looked like I was a boy, I had hair just past my ears and a unibrow but you know what, I was confident in who I was. I could stand up in front of the class and read pages out of the textbook no problem, but I got made fun of a lot. I had a speech impediment that involved my r's sounding like w's, so instead of making friends I spent a lot of time just by myself, when I hit ninth grade I completely changed myself, I got rid of the unibrow, I got help for my speech and I spent more time doing makeup and fixing my hair then I ever did anyone else. But as my appearance boosted my self confidence shot to an all time low, a lot of people think I'm stunning, but I don't see it, I spent so much time changing my looks I forgot that the inside counts too, I find myself jealous of everyone with confident and outgoing personalities because whenever I hang out with someone all I do is smile cause I don't know what to say and my mind is blowing up like crazy, nobody seems to understand how hard it was for me to change and the toll it had taken on me. I dated this boy, he was known to be a player, a pretty bad one too, but he took his time trying to get me and he asked me out on top of a Farris wheel, we dated for almost eight months and ngl I really fell for him, and every one thought it was gonna last for two weeks, he was actually a pretty good boyfriend, alittle to sexual based but I never really did anything with him, he broke up with me and screwed a couple of girls, and kissed my bestfriend and is trying to screw her too, I texted him one time to tell him that we were better strangers then we ever were anything else but clearly that's not the case at all, I guess my question is how do I get myself back and should i text him and try to be friends or not ?
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Girls with boy short haircuts are ******* hot. For real.

Honestly if he's going to try to hook up with girls especially your best friend he's trying to make you jealous where he can get to you and you shouldn't let him if he left you he had the problem not you

He kept telling me he missed me and stuff but I asked him if he wanted to get back together and he said he didn't, he treats me like **** now so why go through all this to make me jealous

I'm sorry girl boys can't be buts but your obviously to good for him