I spend more time worrying about my life than doing anything to fix it.
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Damn girl, we are in same situation

Read the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle to help you quiet your mind. Also, don't act and do anything without knowing what you want in your life and WHY it is important to you. Focus on why you want something and you'll fix your life. The mind creates whatever you put in it. If you create worry, more worry is created. If you input picture of tropical beaches, that shows up too. Hint, be grateful for the small little blessing daily because you will start to feel better about what you have v. what you lack. Those good feelings, along with a plan and desire, makes life happen.

Thank you, i'll try to do that! What i really want to also know is if everyone feels like they belong or not... Does every one feel this way? :S

Yes. . . most people feel like their life is falling apart. It's the human condition. Many of my friends are doctors or professionals and on average the income in my circle makes well over 6 figures. They have multiple houses, great vacations stability, but are living lives of quiet desperation. They are trying to "fix" things, like you and make up stuff to worry about. Great quote for you by Mark Twain: "I spent half my life worrying about things that never happened."

They KEY to living an amazing life, is to fix what's in our head, which is essentially to quiet it so that you can listen to your heart and BE what moves you.

I love that quote, it's so perfect! I often have to yell at my brain to just be quiet...

I get what you mean. I don't feel a part of their nucleus. Never have, never will. Perhaps thats a good thing though?

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So very true. OMG.