The only thing I lied about to my friends is that I saw 2 different guys a few times which they didn't approve of. I didn't tell them because I knew they will yell at me. One of the ******** rings my girlfriend up and tells her everything. Now my friends like I am a compulsive liar. Wow. Things seem to escalate quickly.
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You ever tend to a garden. Owned a plant, raised it yourself? If you planted tomatoes what are the odds you'll get carrots? **** would be pretty ******* weird if the world worked like that. You reap what you sow, to expect anything but the seeds of betrayal to grow as any other tree and expect sweeter fruit is just madness. This is how the fruit of that seed tastes. Bitter as ****. Worst part is they have to eat it too. All you can do is start over with a new batch and hope when it rains you still have friends who will want a taste of who you are.

It's just drama if they are your true friends they will stick around and forgive you ❤️

What qualifies as a true friend? Someone with more tolerance to dishonesty than another? Does being a true friend mean that speaking the truth, ironically, doesn't qualify as important? True friends can walk away when harmed and it will not be their friendship in question.

True friendship is sticking by you and forgiving your mistakes because no one is perfect

No one is perfect. But values can be crossed. If you step on a true friends values, what does that make you to them? They may be a true friend, but it you can't be to them, how long will that hold? Why is the burden of true friendship theirs? Food for thought is it not?