So I'm 14 and I'm an extremely anxious person who overthinks everything. I never really thought much about how self destructive I am (physically&mentally) but recently I realized that its no way to live and I need to stop. I just don't feel happy about myself at all. Body, talents (none), etc. trying to get out of this rut :/
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Hormones are a real *****, do not underestimate how strongly they affect mood, personality and thoughts. Its something super dealt with as a teen and as women till we die. **** is like mind control. Just dont let it rule you. You're more than just the sum of your form. To say you know your talents enough to claim none is a bit audacious. I learn something new about myself every year. I still don't know who I am. That in itself can suck, but never make claims that youre done changing. Youre not even at the first checkpoint yet. You need things to destroy make an enemy of the things that aim to hurt you, and if you're all out of foes other than yourself to harm, I'm sure someone could use the help with theirs. Sometimes were just so good at fighting the demons in this world, that the only ones left are our own.

Let me tell you this while you are young, stop over thinking and being filled with irrational fear. Easier said than done but just do your best to not think by keeping yourself occupied.

I have been a thinker since I was 16 years old and my life usually turns bad because of my way of thinking (just like you) and I have been trying to stop. Try your best to keep yourself busy with activities you enjoy doing or find new hobbies to pursue.

Some find it better to write in a diary or private blog to let out all their thinking and move on with their lives. I hope you find a way to get over it.

I know how you feel.

Im the exact same way and it sucks