I hate myself so much...going in public always reminds me of how much I hate myself..urg..
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I'm praying for you. You can get through this! I battle depression and I've been to hospitals, group homes, and many more. I'm the same age as you, and were in the same situation. I know you can get through this. I don't know if your a believe of God, but if you are, turn to him! Or if your a believer of another religion, turn to that God! I'll be praying for you buddy!

For starters have you tried refocusing your identity? In the character select screen you picked one you didn't like, maybe try another? I speak about how you dislike yourself so much, but you spent the time and effort to make 'suicidepression' your name. Your name. Your identity. Who you are. You did that. You can by hate yourself if you want to, but if depression is somethijg you enjoy enough to make it a callsign... He's kind of awesome no? I even bet he listens to the right music and everything. Accept your darkness. You're using it as fuel. Why must you hate something that you celebrate? Bask in it, make it your strength. It can only go up from here, ne?

Why do you hate yourself? What makes you feel so much hate?


Elaborate on that. We are here to help you so break it down for us. One by one.

I'm not gonna get too detailed but lets say that I'm different...very different and everybody treats me like **** for it...all my life people have hated me for being different...urg

I am different from everyone around me but the kind of hate you are feeling might be from over thinking. Try to occupy yourself with something?

I play video games, read manga, watch TV series and mingle with children. Those things I like doing and it holds me from over thinking. Why not look for what you like to do and do it?

I can't..only 3 people ik don't hate my for it...my own family makes fun of me for it..I've done everything but I can't even go out in public without being made fun of...people even try physically hurting me..

When we are in pain, we exaggerate a bit.

Everyone I know made fun of me and my depression. The others didn't support me when it came to medications. No one understands me or understands how it makes me feel. However, I won't bind myself to them. I want to get better so I am trying hard to move on and do what I want.

You can't just say "they hate me" so you stay home forever. You won't get better that way. Every treatment begins with you and your will to get better. So you need to do what you can to get better then slowly things will be better.

They won't get better...idk you so I'm not going to get into a lot of details but there's no hope

The longer you say 'there is no hope' the longer you will stay in this phase.

All the best to you.

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