I have been dealing with the same issue my entire life. Every year, for what seems an eternity, I'm making new year resolutions of breaking out of my shell or finally gaining friends. Basically becoming a new person to aid my loneliness... All followed with "lose 20 lbs" to top off my body image problems. Over the years, I've accomplished the weight goals, but everything else, including body image issues remained the same. Actually I've realized that with many of the things I wished to improve, I've gotten far worse. In all the years of "reconstruction" I've created someone that I don't like... Empty. I want to come back to me but idk where to start. I've been focused on the new me for so long I can't recognize the old one.. Or who she could've been.
nonisjuice nonisjuice
22-25, F
Aug 22, 2014