I'm constantly finding all my flaws and hating myself more and more, I can't keep a relationship because I'm not the best looking, or strongest or the tallest. It's making my self hatred worse and worse to know that girls doesn't only think the things I do but uses them as reasons to not be with me
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18-21, M
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

The only person who can change this is you. No one, no matter the truth of the words they speak about how beautiful or smart or unique you are, can make you feel good about yourself unless you give them permission to do it.

This means you have to tell yourself that you're worth everything this life has to offer. Tell yourself until you believe it. Then you'll realize that there are no reasons to hate yourself. No reasons at all.

Ah madam that is where you're wrong, there are many reasons to hate myself

VERY WELL SAID!!! You have your whole life ahead of you. realize at your age, you are discovering how you fit in this world, where your place is in this world. YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT EVENTUALLY. It takes time. Change your focus to doing things you want to do. Make yourself happy, then the rest will follow.