I'm engaged to be married to my fiancé who I love deeply and dearly. But I am also in love with a friend. I have not cheated on my fiancé but I feel guilty everyday. My friend has told that he is madly in love with me and it breaks his heart to see me with my fiancé. It's strange as Myself and my friend have barely held hands, though I have wanted so much more.

I punish myself everyday because I want to be with both, yet I lack courage and conviction for my actions. No matter what path I choose I would hurt either of them.

It's breaking me from the inside out.
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A cause for concern arises as you currently fail to be genuine with either of these suitors, with the potential fall out being the erosion and gradual termination of both relationships. I would argue that the longer you allow this to ensue the more detrimental it is going to become. Lastly, the fact that you are torn leads me to believe that you are not invested in either relationship 100%, if you were, you would have came to a decision. Do yourself a favor and postpone your wedding until you can truly decide what it is you want.

You right . Why we can't be with 2 . I am not joking . I am in love with one man but want to be with him and my husband . Why it is not passable ? Why choose one ?

Wud u like it/agree if ur hubby is with another woman and with u?